[SOLVED] Epidermiology and Biostatistics

CDC Epi Info 7.2 Outbreak Tutorial Instructions Download the Epi Info 7.2 program from the CDC website and follow the instructions. Once downloaded to your computer, there are numerous YouTube videos and tutorials that teach this program but perhaps the most helpful resource is the Epi Info 7 User Guide. It may prove beneficial to print off a copy of the portions you need to refer to while you are using Epi Info 7.2. After learning this wonderful program, develop an outbreak survey from the fictitious disease provided for you below, using the Epi Info 7.2 software. Submit with  acover page. Include in this assignment the topic you have picked for your final outbreak paper and your rationale for choosing that topic.   Allow yourself adequate time to navigate and learn this program. It will take substantial time (several days) to complete! . Fictitious disease scenario for development of survey questionair: A graduation party was held in Springfield, VA for students and parents from the senior class at Springfield Christian Academy. The following meal was catered: Roast chicken with rosemary Tossed green salad with optional blue cheese, oil and vinegar, buttermilk, or thousand island dressings. Fruit salad Rolls and optional butter Cheese cake with optional strawberry topping Cranberry punch Twenty-four hours after the party, members of the class and family members began to get ill. They experienced various severity of intestinal disorders including: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, bloody diarrhea, intestinal cramping, headache, fever, and malaise. The Emergency Department, various primary care offices, and several urgent care offices reported symptoms for this outbreak to the Springfield Health Department who launched an investigation using Epi Info 7.2. You are responsible to create an outbreak survey, using Epi Info 7.2 with the following questions: Did you attend the party? Which food(s) did you eat? Did you eat left overs the next day after the slumber party? When did the symptoms start? What were the symptoms you experienced? Were you admitted to the hospital? Date? Was a culture of your stool (diarrhea) taken? Date? What was the result of the culture? What organism was found? Submit a screen shot of your survey to Grade Center with a cover page and include the topic you will use for your final outbreak paper.


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[SOLVED] Epidermiology and Biostatistics
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