[SOLVED] Effective Management

Write 6 pages with APA style on Theories of The Effective Management. The main principle behind the situational theory is, managers should adapt and adjust their style of managership according to the ability and dedication of their workers. So, in simple terms, situational leadership or situational manager is the one who has the ability to use the apt managership style, choosing from different leadership or managerial skills he/she is imbued with, depending on the scenario or situation. Ken Blanchard and Paul Hershey had categorized this form of leadership theory into four leadership styles or behavior types, which are termed as S1, S2, S3, and S4. In my organization, these styles can be alternatively used. For example, with regards to Staff B, she can complete the given work but needs constant overseeing and guidance. So, for her, I used the S3 leadership style. In this managership style, managers will play a supporting role passing on the routine activities and day-to-day decisions to their subordinates, but overseeing and guiding the employees at opportune moments. So, managers could use the workers as a kind of extension of their own intelligence and capabilities, which could give rise to an optimal performance from the workers. Thus, as I used this leadership style for her, I explained all the instructions and constantly kept in touch with her for regular updates, so that she could get the confidence and finish the project successfully. On the other hand, staffs A and C exhibited non-inclusiveness and de-motivated work behavior and for them, I used the leadership style of S1. That is, staff A, although is eager to learn more, she was not enthused about her position in the department and thus committed a lot of mistakes in our Accounting Systems. Likewise, staff C doesn’t seem motivated or happy about his current position.


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[SOLVED] Effective Management
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