[SOLVED] E-Commerce

1. Given the vastness of the Internet, e-commerce sites are breached daily, yet many choose not to report it. What are some of the steps a company can take to curtail cyber-criminal activity from within a business? E-commerce  75 words2. Do you agree with the practice of online marketers to use databases, data warehouses, data mining, and profiling technologies to identify exactly who the online customer is and what he or she wants? Why, or why not? E-Commerce 75 words3. Throughout this course, you have completed homework and assessments in MyMathLab, and you also have completed one assignment in Blackboard. Each of these tasks required you to use different methods for entering in the answers and submitting the assignment. For example, homework assignments require you to use the MyMathLab symbol toolbox, assessments require that you show your work in the show work window, and Blackboard assignments require you to upload a document into Blackboard. For this discussion board question, describe a challenge that you encountered while using these different platforms to submit your assignments. How did you overcome this challenge? Additionally, what tools do you use to help you submit these different types of assignments in an efficient manner? Math 75 words4. Throughout this course, you have had access to unit study guides, reference sheets, note-taking guides, instructional videos, and learning aids. As we get closer to Unit VIII and the end of the course, how can you utilize these resources to start preparing for the comprehensive final exam? Next, describe your method for studying for exams. Math 75 words5. Besides feedback during an evaluation, what other measures can you employ to facilitate employee improvement when there are noted deficiencies? Offer three options, and explain which you feel would work best, and explain why. Human Resource 75 words6. Share an example based on your own experiences where the characteristics of a leader who you worked for had a clear impact on the employees or the organization. Explain why this leader was either effective or ineffective. What are the lessons learned that you can apply to your own leadership development?Human Resource 75 words


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[SOLVED] E-Commerce
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