Discussion: Solutions for Preventing Geriatric Patient Fall Paper

Discussion: Solutions for Preventing Geriatric Patient Fall Paper ORDER NOW FOR CUSTOMIZED AND ORIGINAL ESSAY PAPERS ON Discussion: Solutions for Preventing Geriatric Patient Fall Paper While the implementation plan prepares students to apply their research to the problem or issue they have identified for their capstone change proposal project, the literature review enables students to map out and move into the active planning and development stages of the project. Bowie EB NUR3165 Solutions for Preventing Geriatric Patient Fall Paper A literature review analyzes how current research supports the PICOT, as well as identifies what is known and what is not known in the evidence. Students will use the information from the earlier PICOT Statement Paper and Literature Evaluation Table assignments to develop a 1,000 word review that includes the following sections: Title page Introduction section A comparison of research questions A comparison of sample populations A comparison of the limitations of the study A conclusion section, incorporating recommendations for further research Discussion: Solutions for Preventing Geriatric Patient Fall Paper Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. picot_statement_nrs_490.graded__1_.docx literature_evaluation..docx Running head: PICOT STATEMENT 1 Title? Kehinde Adekoga Grand Canyon University NRS 490 Please write the date out PICOT STATEMENT 2 Evidence-Based Solutions for Preventing Geriatric Patient Fall-is this your title? If so it should not be bolded, and it should match your running head. According to Chu (2017), there has been a rise in the number of fall cases in the geriatric patient population. Geriatric patient falls refer to situations whereby the elderly patients experience falls, which may cause injury or death to them. Falls are a leading cause of death through injury for geriatric patients. They also result in various comorbidities. In the facility, there are always more than two cases reported daily. Moreover, the falls also increase the length of stay of the patient and costs as well (Shier, Trieu, & Ganz, 2016). However, there are several interventions which may be adopted to solve this clinical problem. According to evidence-based research, falls in geriatric patients, (P), doing frequent rounds,and using bed alarms (I) compared to no intervention, (C), reduces the number of fall cases within a facility (O) over time? This is an incomplete PICOT. The Nursing Intervention Geriatric patients usually are weak and are unable to move normally. They have weak muscles and bones and often have poor coordination and balance (Chan, Sherrington, Naganathan, Xu, Chen, Ko, & Cumming, 2018). Discussion: Solutions for Preventing Geriatric Patient Fall Paper. Therefore, they cannot even perform personal self-care activities such as bathing and attending to toilet needs. In the PICOT, the nursing intervention proposed to deal with this clinical problem is doing frequent nursing rounds in the facility. Nursing rounds entails the nurses regularly checking on the geriatric patients. Bowie EB NUR3165 Solutions for Preventing Geriatric Patient Fall Paper The nurses’ rounds may be conducted in intervals of one or two hours. An ideal nursing round program will increase the monitoring of the patient. During these rounds, the nurse is mandated PICOT STATEMENT 3 to check for and attend to the following (Radecki, Reynolds, & Kara, 2018). First of all, they should check the positioning and comfort of the patient and correct where necessary. Moreover, during these rounds, the nurse ensures nutrition and toilet needs of the patient are catered to. Pain assessment and management is also carried to know the patients’ well-being. Besides, they ought to ensure the phone is near the patient and that the bill has emptied. Basically, in these rounds, the nurse should ensure the patient is in good condition and is less likely to experience any falls till the next round. Also, bed alarms would be ideal for the reduction of falls (Khalifa, 2019). The bed alarms ideally alert the registered nurses when a patient is attempting to move out of bed or ambulate on their own. The alarms are triggered by any movement by the patient, thereby necessitating the nurses to attend to the patients. The bed alarms are a technological evidence-based solution for preventing falls. Most importantly, they should also be monitored continuously to ensure they are functioning correctly. The above measures should be incorporated in hospitals, healthcare agencies like nursing homes for the elderly. However, these strategies are only effective when all the guidelines are adhered to. The nurse should incorporate the frequent rounds in her schedule and adhere to all sessions. Additionally, the response to the alarms should be quick to avert falls successfully. Discussion: Solutions for Preventing Geriatric Patient Fall Paper. The Expected Outcomes of The Interventions The anticipated outcomes after undertaking the above measures after two months are reduced geriatric patient falls in the hospital. More patients do not experience the factors leading to falls, such as lack of anyone to assist with self-care. As a result of regular rounds, the nurses can help the patients with some of the factors leading to falls (Burns, Haddad, & Parker, 2018). Bowie EB NUR3165 Solutions for Preventing Geriatric Patient Fall Paper For example, they ensure that patients are more comfortable, well-fed, and positioned and safe. PICOT STATEMENT 4 However, to achieve the desired improvement in patient care, there should be a collaboration between the management and the hospital nurses. This is essential, especially to devise flexible and practical nursing round schedules. Moreover, to make plans for the procurement of ideal bed alarms and training of patients and nurses on how to use them. Therefore, through this evidence-based solution, nursing practice is improved further improving the quality of patient care, satisfaction, and outcomes. This minimizes deaths, comorbidities, and expenses for the patient and their families. Conclusion In conclusion, the integration of more nursing rounds and use of bed alarms will be significantly effective in minimizing patient falls. When incorporated, they improve the nursing practice and attention to the patient. Therefore, more surveillance of the patient will ensure they do not experience regular falls. These strategies further improve patient care and outcomes. The combined use of these two strategies would even be more effective in reducing patient falls. The nurse plays a critical role in eliminating this clinical problem of regular falls. PICOT STATEMENT 5 References Where is your dois? Please see: https://owl.purdue.edu/owl/research_and_citation/apa_style/apa_formatting_and_style_guide/refere nce_list_electronic_sources.html Chu, R. Z. (2017). Preventing in-patient falls: The nurse’s pivotal role.Discussion: Solutions for Preventing Geriatric Patient Fall Paper Nursing2019, 47(3), 24-30. Khalifa, M. (2019). Improving Patient Safety by Reducing Falls in Hospitals Among the Elderly: A Review of Successful Strategies. Studies in health technology and informatics, 262, 340-343. Burns, E. R., Haddad, Y. K., & Parker, E. M. (2018). Primary care providers’ discussion of fall prevention approaches with their older adult patients—DocStyles, 2014. Preventive medicine reports, 9, 149-152. Radecki, B., Reynolds, S., & Kara, A. (2018). Inpatient fall prevention from the patient’s perspective: A qualitative study. Applied Nursing Research, 43, 114-119. Shier, V., Trieu, E., & Ganz, D. A. (2016). Implementing exercise programs to prevent falls: systematic descriptive review. Injury Epidemiology, 3(1), 16. PICOT STATEMENT 6 Chan, D. K., Sherrington, C., Naganathan, V., Xu, Y. H., Chen, J., Ko, A., … & Cumming, R. (2018). Key issues to consider and innovative ideas on fall prevention in the geriatric department of a teaching hospital. Australasian journal on ageing, 37(2), 140-143. Literature Evaluation Table Student Name: Change Topic (2-3 sentences): Bowie EB NUR3165 Solutions for Preventing Geriatric Patient Fall Paper Fall cases among the geriatric patient population contribute to injuries that prevent them from performing easy personal care tasks. The injuries can result in death; however, evidence-based research shows that the application of nursing interventions like frequent monitoring and alarms can help in reducing geriatric falls. Crite ria Auth or, Jour nal (Pee rRevi ewed ), and Per mali nk or Wor king Link to Acce ss Artic le Artic le Title and Year Publ ishe d Article 1 Burns, E. R., Haddad, Y. K. & Parker, E. M. Link: https://ww w.ncbi.nlm. nih.gov/pm c/articles/P MC584083 6/ Primary care providers’ discussion of fall prevention approaches with their older adult patients— DocStyles, 2014, (2018) Article 2 Article 3 Chu, R. Z. Khalifa, M. Link: https://journals.lww.co m/nursing/fulltext/201 7/03000/Preventing_in _patient_falls__The_n urse_s_pivotal.8.aspx Link: https://www.researchgate.net/publi cation/334291372_Improving_Pati ent_Safety_by_Reducing_Falls_in_ Hospitals_Among_the_Elderly_A_ Review_of_Successful_Strategies Preventing in-patient falls: The nurse’s pivotal role, (2017) Improving Patient Safety by Reducing Falls in Hospitals Among the Elderly: A Review of Successful Strategies, (2019) © 2015. Grand Canyon University. All Rights Reserved. Article 4 Radecki, B., Reynolds, S., & Kara, A. Link: https://www.scie ncedirect.com/sc ience/article/pii/ S089718971830 1757?via%3Dih ub Inpatient fall prevention from the patient’s perspective: A qualitative study, (2018) Rese arch Ques tions (Qua litati ve)/ Hyp othes is (Qua ntita tive), and Purp oses/ Aim of Stud y Desi gn (Typ e of Qua ntita tive, or Type of Qual itativ e) Setti ng/S ampl e The researchers hypothesize d that primary care providers, together with the geriatric patients, can assist in reducing elderly falls. Chu (2017). Bowie EB NUR3165 Solutions for Preventing Geriatric Patient Fall Paper performed the research to determine how practical are multidisciplinary approaches in reducing elderly falls and injuries? The purpose of the research was to provide facts concerning the effectiveness of evidence-based strategies for fall prevention The study aimed at helping the investigator s to identify the risk factors and interventio ns for reducing geriatric falls Quantitativ Literature review e study The study involved an analysis of 1210 selfreports of U.S primary care providers. The study has no specified sample or setting since the authors focused on analyzing findings from other studies Khalifa (2019) wanted to know, what are the effective interventions that could be used to prevent falls among elderly patients in healthcare organizations? The objective of the study was to provide process measures that health providers could utilize to minimize fall incidents The researchers, wanted to identify, how does the patients’ perspectives on falls help in designing appropriate patient-centered approaches for minimizing the risk of falls? The purpose of the research was exploring patients’ beliefs on fall risks and prevention tactics Literature review Qualitative study The review involved 381 studies. However, the investigator only relied on 34 studies which matched the inclusion criteria The study involved only 12 patients in a healthcare center © 2017. Grand Canyon University. All Rights Reserved. 537 included Family Practitioner s, 461 internists, and 212 Nurse Practitioner s (Burns, Haddad, & Parker, 2018) Met The hods researchers : used the Inter DocStyles venti survey to on/I gather data nstr ume nts Anal ysis Data analysis was successful through the use of SAS, version 9.3, and Chisquare tests Key Results Find showed ings that the integration of clinical interventio ns on older adults with the risks of falling could help in reducing the risks Reco The mme researchers ndat recommend ions the Due to the generalized approach of the literature review, this article does not follow particular methods for collecting data The literature review focused on studies in Google Scholar, MEDLINE, CINAHL, and EMBASE search engines The researchers used semistructured interviews as the methodology for gathering information (Radecki, Reynolds, & Kara, 2018) The journal does not provide a data analysis method The investigators used qualitative analysis to classify the interventions of reducing the risks of falls. Bowie EB NUR3165 Solutions for Preventing Geriatric Patient Fall Paper A qualitative analysis was used to describe patients’ perspectives Findings from the literature review showed that implementing various interventions like bed and alarm chairs and increased nurse staffing can reduce falls (Chu, 2017) The findings revealed that strategies like patient education, exercise, treatment of medical conditions like vision and balance, IT interventions like room sensors, and modification of the surrounding environment like lowering of beds could reduce falls (Khalifa, 2019). Emerging themes revealed that the participants needed patientcentered risk prevention interventions and not cliniciancentric approaches The researchers recommend that nurses should take the course by enhancing The study recommends the implementation of the revealed fall prevention strategies and programs to reduce extended hospitalization The study recommends the importance of establishing a © 2017. Grand Canyon University. All Rights Reserved. Expl anati on of How the Artic le Sup ports EBP/ Caps tone Proj ect implementa tion of home modificatio ns, Tai Chi Programs, patient education, and proper clinical guidelines that could reduce the risk of falls This article will support the evidencebased PICOT by illustrating that the formulation of fall prevention strategies assist in reducing the risks of falls their monitoring activities to improve the safety for the elderly of the elderly, increased healthy complications, and high health care relationship with costs patients if health providers want to develop patient-centered fall prevention plans successfully The source supports the EBP by confirming the effectiveness of fall prevention approaches compared to none to minimize falls The article is resourceful since it supports the PICOT research by highlighting the significance of continuous enhancement of fall prevention strategies Criteria Article 5 Author, Journal (PeerReviewe d), and Permali nk or Workin g Link to Access Article Matarese, M., Ivziku, D., Bartolozzi, F., Piredda, M., & De Marinis, M. G. Article 6 Article 7 Shier, V., Trieu, E., Vandenberg, A. E., & Ganz, D. A. van Beijnum, B. J., Overdevest, V., Link: Capezuti, E., & https://www.ncbi.n Johnson, T. M., lm.nih.gov/pmc/art 2 nd . Link: icles/PMC4932138 https://onlinelibrar / Link: y.wiley.com/doi/ab https://www.ncbi.n s/10.1111/jan.1254 lm.nih.gov/pmc/art 2 icles/PMC6546295 / This research journal supports my EBP by pointing out the importance of health professionals’ involvement in identifying solutions that improve the wellbeing of the elderly Article 8 Vaccari, É., Lenardt, M. H., Willi, M. H., Betiolli, S. E., & de Oliveira, E. S. (2014). Link: http://www.objnursing.uf f.br/index.php/nursing/art icle/view/4753/html_178 © 2017. Grand Canyon University. All Rights Reserved. Article Title and Year Publish ed Systematic review of fall risk screening tools for older patients in acute hospitals (2015) Implementing exercise programs to prevent falls: systematic descriptive review (2016) US and Dutch nurse experiences with fall prevention technology within nursing home environment and workflow: A qualitative study, (2017). Bowie EB NUR3165 Solutions for Preventing Geriatric Patient Fall Paper Researc The researchers The study aimed at The researchers h hypothesized that identifying, how assessed, what Questio risk screening tools can exercise experience do ns could provide risk programs prevent nurses have with (Qualita factors associated falls among technological tive)/Hy with falls communityinterventions for pothesis dwelling elders reducing falls (Quanti preventing falls? among the elderly? tative), The purpose of the and study was to reveal The objective of Purpose the most This research the study exploring s/Aim of appropriate fall aimed to establish the nurses’ abilities Study risk screening tool the effectiveness of to handle advanced for the elderly exercises as routine technologies for care for preventing predicting bed falls exits Design Systematic review (Type of Quantit ative, or Type of Qualitat ive) Qualitative study Setting/ Sample With a total of 128 studies, the study focused on seven systematic reviews of 29 studies Method s: Interve ntion/In Among 36 articles, the study focused on seven research journals dating from January 1981 to April 2013 (Matarese, Ivziku, Bartolozzi, Piredda, & De Marinis, 2015) Qualitative study The study focused on two care settings where one had a capacity of 168 beds, while the other had 152 beds (Vandenberg, van Beijnum, Overdevest, Capezuti, & Johnson, 2017) The researchers The qualitative The researchers performed searches study used used a convenience from the Cochrane, systematic sampling of two MEDLINE, and descriptive reviews case study sites Safety of the hospital environment in terms of preventing falls on the part of the elderly: a descriptive study, (2014) The researchers hypothesized that a lack of proper interventions for reducing falls promotes safety problems among the elderly The purpose of the study was to evaluate the safety of physical environments in healthcare settings with hospitalized older adults (Vaccari, Lenardt, Willi, Betiolli, & de Oliveira, 2014) . Quantitative study Data was collected from a health setting with 127 beds The method of study used was a descriptive cross-sectional approach © 2017. Grand Canyon University. All Rights Reserved. strumen CINAHL ts databases. of sources from Google Scholar and Web of Science. Analysis The assessment of The MAXQDA 10 data followed a Software was used meta-analysis for analysis (Shier, Trieu, & Ganz, 2016) . Key Findings revealed Results showed Finding that there are no that home-based s risk assessment training programs, tools for evaluating Otago exercise fall risks among programs are the elderly effective in increasing strength and balance among the frailer elderly Recom The study The article mendati recommends the recommends the ons use of accurate implementation of screening tools for exercise programs the targeted that meet the population, which elderly’s needs is elderly, to help nurses in coming up with correct measures for fall prevention Explana. Bowie EB NUR3165 Solutions for Preventing Geriatric Patient Fall Paper The article The peer-reviewed tion of supports the EBP article supports the How the by establishing that EBP by Article there are gaps in highlighting the Support healthcare that responsibilities of s prevent primary health EBP/Ca care providers professionals in pstone from developing enforcing exercises strategies for that boost balance avoiding the risk of and muscle falls strength Transcribed verbatim assisted in analyzing data The SPSS v.20.0 software was used to analyze data The outcomes revealed the essence of technological interventions customized to suit patients’ needs The findings showed that organizations that failed to implement interventions for reducing falls increased the health risks of the elderly The article recommends the use of patientcentered technologies and enhanced monitoring The research journal recommends enhanced monitoring among the elderly and the implementation of strategies like bells The article supports the PICOT study by confirming the effectiveness of nurses engagement in reducing falls by implementing appropriate technologies effectively The article supports the EBP since it reveals that a lack of interventions in healthcare settings minimizes the safety of the hospitalized elderly © 2017. 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