Discussion: Pre-Residency assessment

Discussion: Pre-Residency assessment ORDER NOW FOR CUSTOMIZED AND ORIGINAL ESSAY PAPERS ON Discussion: Pre-Residency assessment Why taking this course? •What have you learnt so far? •How does this course help you professionally? •What are your course expectations? Discussion: Pre-Residency assessment dsrt_734_course_syllabus.pdf Graduate School COURSE SYLLABUS Course Name Professor Contact Information Course Description Course Objectives Learner Assessments Prerequisites: Course Website Books and Resources Academic Integrity/ Plagiarism Course and Instructor Information DSRT 734-Inferential Statistics in Decision Making, 50 Summer 2020: May 4th to August 20th, 2020 – Hybrid course with required residency Course Format: Executive Residency Residency Session Date: 06/05/20 – 06/07/20 Residency Session Course Site: Online – Virtual Location Dr. Charles Edeki Email: [email protected] Office Location: Remote Phone: 917-627-0024 Office Hours/Preferred Contact Times: By Appointment Nature of Course Content and Goals This course focuses on the descriptive and inferential statistics commonly used in organizational administration. Course activities include the application of statistical methods to research design, as well as an investigation of how these methods can contribute to school improvement. Specific concepts include measures of central tendency and variability ,probability theory ,estimation and significance ,and correlation and regression. https://www.ucumberlands.edu/academics/academic-catalog •Students will describe the essential characteristics of quantitative research. •Students will apply inferential statistical tests on problems requiring parametric and non-parametric analyses.Discussion: Pre-Residency assessment •Students will identify potential research designs for various problems. •Students will analyze statistical information in the professional literature on a topic related to their own research project. Students will write two article reviews, one practical connection assignment, complete three quizzes, one mid-term exam, and one final exam. Satisfactory completion of all coursework, including those in the content specialty area. Access to the course website is required via the iLearn portal on the University of the Cumberlands website: http://www.ucumberlands.edu/ilearn/ Required Text(s): Exploring Statistics: Tales of Distributions by Chris Spatz Requirements and Policies At a Christian liberal arts university committed to the pursuit of truth and understanding, any act of academic dishonesty is especially distressing and cannot be tolerated. In general, academic dishonesty involves the abuse and misuse of information or people to gain an undeserved academic advantage or evaluation. The common forms of academic dishonesty include: • Cheating – using deception in the taking of tests or the preparation of written work, using unauthorized materials, copying another person’s work with or without consent, or assisting another in such activities. • Lying – falsifying, fabricating, or forging information in either written, spoken, or video presentations. • Plagiarism—using the published writings, data, interpretations, or ideas of another without proper documentation Plagiarism includes copying and pasting material from the internet into assignments without properly citing the source of the material. Episodes of academic dishonesty are reported to the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Discussion: Pre-Residency assessment The potential penalty for academic dishonesty includes a failing grade on a particular assignment, a failing grade for the entire course, or charges against the student with the appropriate disciplinary body. DSRT734_V032020 1 Attendance Policy Residency Attendance: Each student must be in attendance for the entire duration of the required residency weekend. Late arrivals and/or early departures are not permitted. Punctuality is important as each student is required to have the documented in-seat time per USCIS regulations. If a student is not in attendance for the full session, he/she will be counted absent for the entire session, and receive an automatic “F” and will be required to pay the $300.00 make-up fee and attend a residency make-up session. Participation Policy Study after study has linked successful academic performance with good class participation. Those who assume positions of responsibility must “show up” in order to be effective. Therefore, students are expected to actively participate in intelligent discussion of assigned topics in all areas (Discussion Board Activities, Synchronous Sessions, Forums, Shared Papers, etc.) to help process course material and/or to demonstrate understanding of course content. Point adjustments will be taken for non-participation. University of the Cumberlands accepts students with certified disabilities and provides reasonable accommodations for their certified needs in the classroom, in housing, in food service or in other areas. For accommodations to be awarded, a student must submit a completed Accommodations Application form and provide documentation of the disability to the Disability Services Coordinator (Mr. Jacob Ratliff, Boswell Campus Center, Student Services Office Suite, [email protected]). Discussion: Pre-Residency assessment When all paperwork is on file, a meeting between the student and the Coordinator will be arranged to discuss possible accommodations before accommodations are formally approved. Students must then meet with the Coordinator at the beginning of each semester before any academic accommodations can be certified for that term. Certifications for other accommodations are normally reviewed annually. Both undergraduate and graduate students have the right to challenge a grade. If discussions with the course instructor and department chair do not lead to a satisfactory conclusion, students may file a formal written appeal with the Vice President for Academic Affairs, who will forward the appeal to the chair of the Academic Appeals Committee. This formal written appeal must be filed by the end of the 4th week of classes in the next regular term following the term in which the course in question was taken. The Academic Appeals Committee then gathers information from the student, the instructor, and any other relevant parties. The Committee will deliver its recommendation on the complaint to the Vice President for Academic Affairs. After reviewing this recommendation and concurring or amending it, the Vice President for Academic Affairs will inform the student and instructor of the disposition of the complaint no later than the last day of classes of the term in which the complaint was filed. Records of all actions regarding academic grade appeals, including their final disposition, are maintained by the Vice President for Academic Affairs and the Academic Appeals Committee. (Undergraduate Catalog/Graduate Catalog) Prohibited learner conduct includes, but is not limited to the following: Disability Accommodations Academic Appeal Appropriate Online Behavior Illegal Activities: Learners may not post, transmit, promote, or distribute content that they know is illegal or could reasonably be expected to know is illegal. Conduct that violates federal, state or local laws is prohibited. Theft: Learners may not post, transmit, promote, or distribute content that violates copyright or other protected intellectual property rights. Unauthorized use of university property is prohibited. Discussion: Pre-Residency assessment Theft or abuse of computer resources is prohibited. Disrespect: Learners may not harass, threaten, or embarrass others. Learners may not post, transmit, promote, or distribute content that is racially, religiously, or ethnically offensive or is harmful, abusive, vulgar, sexually explicit, or otherwise potentially offensive. Learners must refrain from behavior that may be perceived as inappropriate, offensive, and unfair and must treat all other learners, faculty, staff, and administrators with respect at all times. Dishonesty: Learners may not intentionally provide false information, forge, alter, or falsify documents. Learners may not represent the academic work of others as their own. Learners engaging in prohibited conduct will be subject to disciplinary action, including, but not limited to: course failure, probation, suspension, or expulsion. Such sanctions may lead to additional academic and financial consequences. Learners who are unable to complete a course resulting from disciplinary sanctions, suspension or expulsion are not eligible for tuition refunds. DSRT734_V032020 2 Student Responsibilities and Course Policies • • • • • • Course Activities and Experiences Writing Expectations Links to Support The only authorized electronic means of academic, administrative, and co-curricular communication between University of the Cumberlands and its students is through the UCumberlands email system (i.e. Webmail). Each student is responsible for monitoring his/her University email account frequently. This is the primary email account used to correspond with you directly by the University; imperative program information is sent to this email account specifically from campus and program office. Students should check for e-mail and class announcements using iLearn (primary) and University of the Cumberlands webmail (secondary). Students are expected to find out class assignments for missed classes and make up missed work. Discussion: Pre-Residency assessment Students are expected to find out if any changes have been made in the class or assignment schedule. Written work must be presented in a professional manner. Work that is not submitted in a professional manner will not be evaluated and will be returned as unacceptable. o There is a craft to writing. Spelling, grammar, punctuation and diction (word usage) are all tools of that craft. Writing at the collegiate level will show careful attention to these elements of craft. Work that does not exhibit care with regard to these elements will be considered as inadequate for college writing and graded accordingly. Students are expected to take the examinations on the designated dates. If you are unable to take the exam on the scheduled date and know in advance, you are to make arrangements with your professor before the designated date. If you miss the exam, you must have a legitimate reason as determined by your professor. Deadlines and Due Dates: Recognizing that a large part of professional life is meeting deadlines, it is necessary to develop time management and organizational skills. Failure to meet the course deadlines may result in penalties. Keep in mind that all deadlines are set using Eastern Standard Time (EST). Late assignments will NOT be accepted. Students are expected to: • Review any assigned reading material and prepare responses to homework assigned. • Actively participate in activities, assignments, and discussions. • Evaluate and react to each other’s work in a supportive, constructive manner. • Complete specific assignments and exams when specified and in a professional manner. • Utilize learned technologies for class assignments. • Connect content knowledge from core courses to practical training placement and activities. Learning outcomes for candidates’ writing competencies include clarity of thought, discernment in planning and organization, and integration of evidence and criteria. Discussion: Pre-Residency assessment • The instructor expects that students will have knowledge of appropriate forms of documentation and use it where appropriate. APA format is required and style of notation to credit all sources that are not your own. • There is a craft to writing. Spelling, grammar, punctuation and diction (word usage) are all tools of that craft. Writing at the collegiate level will show careful attention to these elements of craft. Work that does not exhibit care with regard to these elements will be considered as inadequate for college writing and graded accordingly. • All assignments, unless otherwise instructed, should be submitted in APA format. Orientation to I-Learn: Student training course on I-Learn, https://ucumberlands.blackboard.com/webapps/portal/frameset.jsp Book Store: https://cumber.bncollege.com/shop/cumberlands/home Library: http://www.ucumberlands.edu/library/ Academic Resources & Writing Center: www.ucumberlands.edu/learningcommons Course Assignments and Evaluation DSRT734_V032020 3 Course Evaluation Graded work will receive a numeric score reflecting the quality of performance. There are 500 points possible. Students will be evaluated on: 1. Quizzes (Three quizzes at 50 points each) 2. Two article reviews (one page each) evaluating one quantitative and one qualitative research article (50 points total) 3. Practical Connection Assignment – Written Assignment where students will reflect on course concepts and their practical connection to a working environment. (50 points total) 4. Comprehensive Mid-Term Exam (125 points total) 5. Comprehensive Final Exam (125 points total) Graded work will receive a numeric score reflecting the quality of performance as given above in evaluation methods. The overall course grade will be determined according to the following scale: A= 90 – 100 (90% – 100%) B= 80 – 89 (80% – 89%) C = 70 – 79 (70% – 79%) F < 69 (Below 69%) Grading Scale Tentative Course Expectations (specific due dates are listed in the course module) Weekly Unit Readings/Topics Descriptive Statistics (Chapters 1, 2 and 3) 1. Introduction 2. Exploring Data: Frequency Distributions and Graphs 3. Exploring Data: Central Tendency Assignments and Due Dates Welcome Discussion Graded Discussion 1 *Failing to Participate in Week 1 may result in being dropped from the course. Academic Honesty Pledge Signed * *Must sign this pledge to continue with the course 1 All assignments are due starting on the first Unit by Sunday night 11:59 PM Descriptive Statistics (Chapter 4 and 5) 2 1. Exploring Data: Variability 2. Other Descriptive Statistics (Box Plot) Review chapters 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 and prepare for Quiz 1 Discussion 2 Due: Sunday night 11:59 PM Correlation and Regression (Chapter 6) Multiple Linear Regression Analysis (Instructor Slides and Notes) Multiple Logistics Regression Analysis (Instructor Slides and Notes) 3 Discussion 3 Quiz 1 Chapter 1 to 6 DSRT734_V032020 4 Theoretical Distributions Including the Normal Distribution (Chapter 7) 4 Due: Sunday night 11:59 PM Week 4: Review one quantitative research article Discussion 4 Due: Sunday night 11:59 PM Residency Week: Prepare Final Project Proposal Residency 06/05/2020 to 06/07/2020 Location: Online 5 Residency Project (Paper and Presentation) Practical Connection Activity – 500 word personal paper Discussion 5 Midterm Exams (Chapter 1 to 7) Due: 06/07/2020 Discussion 6 6 Due: Sunday night 11:59 PM Samples, Sampling Distributions, and Confidence Intervals (Chapter 8) Discussion 7 7 Effect Size and NHST: One-Sample Designs 8 Effect Size, Confidence Intervals, and NHST: Two-Sample Designs (Chapter 9 and 10) Analysis of Variance: Independent Samples (Chapter 11) 9 Analysis of Variance: Repeated Measures (Chapter 12) 10 Continue working on your paper. Quiz 2 Discussion 9 Due: Sunday night 11:59 PM Week 10: Review one qualitative research article Discussion 10 Analysis of Variance: Factorial Design (Chapter 13) 11 Nonparametric Tests (Chapter 14 and 15) 12 Due: Sunday night 11:59 PM Discussion 8 Due: Sunday night 11:59 PM Discussion 11 Week 11 Research Paper Due: Sunday night 11:59 PM Week 12 Research Paper Discussion 12 Quiz 3 DSRT734_V032020 5 Due: Sunday night 11:59 PM Choosing Tests and Writing Interpretations (Chapter 16) Discussion13 13 Due: Sunday night 11:59 PM Practical Connection Assignment – Written Assignment where students will reflect on course concepts and their practical connection to a working environment. Data Mining Concepts (Instructor Notes and Slides) 1. Classification 2. Clustering 3. Association Analysis 14 Discussion 14 Due: Sunday night 11:59 PM Final Portfolio Research Paper Data Visualization (Instructor Slides and Notes) 15 16 Final Exams Discussion 15 Due: Sunday night 11:59 PM Discussion 16: Reflective Activity Final Evaluation Last Day of Class is 08/20 August 20, 2020 Syllabus Disclaimer: This syllabus is intended as a set of guidelines for this course and the instructor reserves the right to make modifications in content, schedule, and requirements as necessary to promote the best education possible within conditions affecting this course. Any changes to the syllabus will be discussed with the students. Rubric for mid-term/final statistical problems: Proficient (100%) Novice (50%) Needs Improvement (0) Knowledge (25%) Selects the correct test for the scenario N/A Did not select the correct test Application (25%) Correctly calculates the answer One error in application Incorrect application, or more than 1 error Communication A Writes up statistical findings following handbook guidelines Error in reporting results, or did not follow handbook More than 1 error in communication of statistical findings Correctly explains what the results mean One error in explaining results More than 1 error in communication of results meaning (25%) Communication B (25%) Practical Connection Assignment Rubric (Score x 0.50) DSRT734_V032020 6 Component Proficient (15 to 20 points) Competent (8 to 14 points) Novice (1 to 7 points) Assignment Requirements Student completed all required portions of the assignment Completed portions of the assignment Did not complete the required assignment. Assignment strongly demonstrates graduate-level proficiency in organization, grammar, and style. Assignment demonstrates graduate-level proficiency in organization, grammar, and style. Assignment does not demonstrate graduate-level proficiency in organization, grammar, and style. Assignment is well written, and ideas are well developed and explained. Demonstrates strong writing skills. Student paid close attention to spelling and punctuation. Sentences and paragraphs are grammatically correct. Assignment is effectively communicated, but some sections lacking clarity. Student paid some attention to spelling and punctuation, but there are errors within the writing. Needs attention to proper writing skills. Assignment is poorly written and confusing. Ideas are not communicated effectively. Student paid no attention to spelling and punctuation. Demonstrates poor writing skills. Proper use of APA formatting. Properly and explicitly cited outside resources. Reference list matches citations. Use of APA formatting and citations of outside resources, but has a few instances in which proper citations are missing. Maintains purpose/focus Submission is well organized and has a tight and cohesive focus that is integrated throughout the document Submissions has an organizational structure and the focus is clear throughout. Submission lacks focus or contains major drifts in focus Understanding of Course Content Student demonstrates understand of course content and knowledge. Student demonstrates some understanding of course content and knowledge. Student does not demonstrate understanding of course content and knowledge. Student strongly demonstrates the practical application, or ability to apply, of course objectives within a work environment. Student demonstrates some practical application, or ability to apply, of course objectives within a work environment. Student does not demonstrate the practical application, or ability to apply, of course objectives within a work environment. Writing Skills, Grammar, and APA Formatting Work Environment Application The assignment lacks the use of APA formatting and does not provide proper citations or includes no citations. DSRT734_V032020 7 … Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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Discussion: Pre-Residency assessment
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