Discussion: Literature Review Outline

Discussion: Literature Review Outline ORDER NOW FOR CUSTOMIZED AND ORIGINAL ESSAY PAPERS ON Discussion: Literature Review Outline Can you help me understand this Health & Medical question? Discussion: Literature Review Outline The purpose of this assignment is to draft and submit a complete, organized, detailed outline of your research paper in APA format, with sources cited and referenced accurately. Recommended: Before you begin, review the Writing Resource folder in the course menu for examples and review chapters 9, 13 & 14 in A Pocket Style Manual (APA). Adhere to the following guidelines for drafting and submitting your outline: Use standard alphanumeric outline format. Include a rough draft of your abstract. Include APA in-text citations. Include an APA formatted reference page. Include a title page. Use APA format throughout. I’ve attached 2 documents: 1. Outline Sample Template , just follow it as it is and filled out with my paper topic information. 2. Paper about Mental Illness Among Youth. Discussion: Literature Review Outline outline_template___sample.docx mental_illness_amongst_young_people.docx Essay Outline Template ABSTRACT (Write out the abstract or at least a shorten version of it. You will expand on your final paper draft and final paper) I. Introduction (Write out the introduction. You will continue to edit as you progress in the paper) a. Thesis statement: While conflict in healthcare setting can lead to higher cost from turnovers, decreased moral, and comprised healthcare for the patient, it is possible to manage conflict by implementing training programs, restructuring the framework used and holding accountability. II. Body Paragraph 1 ( Heading) a. Transition: Knowing conflict is inevitable, having the proper tools to manage it can help reduce stress within the work place. b. Topic Sentence: Implementing training programs for managers to teach to staff, will help coworkers work through everyday conflict. i. Supporting detail 1: There is little research published on the outcome of leadership programs. Chappell & Wills (2013) explore this in detail writing, “longitudinal studies of leadership program outcomes are exceedingly rare A vast amount of literature exists on leadership, however much of it is theoretical or anecdotal in nature with few focusing on the outcomes or effectiveness of programs Instead, the majority of literature concentrates on identifying, rather than measuring or evaluating how to develop, the basic skill set of leaders including communication and interpersonal skills, problem-solving abilities, attitude, knowledge, conviction of beliefs, time management prioritization, delegation and listening skills” (Chappell & Wills, 2013. P, 397). ii. Supporting detail 2: Developing the necessary skills is the first step to resolving any conflict, and follow up is necessary. This being the responsibility of leadership. Discussion: Literature Review Outline Chappell & Wills (2013) write, “Unpredictability of healthcare increases the need for nursing leaders to identify and hone needed skill sets. Nursing education programmes and healthcare organizations must prepare nurses to be effective leaders.” (Chappell & Wills, P.397). iii. Supporting Detail 3: To become that effective leader one must, “use challenges, innovation and learning to keep role and self in balance” (Chappell & Willis, P. 397). One such survey conducted by AVC fellowship showed that participation in training programs had a significant impact on communication skills, personal development and career action or change. “Nurse leaders can better recognize the development needed to produce outcomes and through further study, measureable impact indicators can be developed for leadership development programmes and credibility added to existing programmes such as the Amy V. Cockcroft Fellowship based upon sound theories of leadership and change” (Chappell & Wills, P.402). III. Body Paragraph 2 ( Heading) a. Transition: Structure is necessary in all aspects of life, developing structure will help minimize distractions, make the work atmosphere pleasant and help boost morale. b. Topic Sentence: Developing structure takes a team effort and a tribe to make it solid. i. Supporting detail 1: In one such study the team implemented a patient sorting system and this created a cascade of positive resolution for the entire team. Maun, Engstrom, Frantz, Bramberg & Thorn (2014),Discussion: Literature Review Outline discovered through their research that through implementing a structured system, “patient-sorting system these latent conflicts became of necessity visible and led to open confrontations” (Maun, Engstrom, Frantz, Bramberg & Thorn.2014. P. 6). The management heading the system created platforms for conflict management including the entire team in discussing and developing any needed changes to the system. The team not only include the nurses and physician, it include all aspects of the healthcare system, this boosting confidence in all parties involved. This created teams to solve conflict through direct communication. ii. Supporting detail 2: The Maun, Engstrom, Frantz, Bramberg & Thorn, (2014), showed that before the implementation of a structured system some worked independently afraid to ask for help. After structured was implemented staff worked willingly and closer than ever, moral of staff improved tremendously and outside the healthcare center they were noticed for their improved self-image. iii. Supporting detail 3: In addition to creating conflict resolution by implementing a patient sorting system, doctors and nurses could better manage their patients. Discussion: Literature Review Outline “Nurses expressed the view that the new system to assess and sort the patient to the appropriate professional required more competences than the old system. They were willing to acquire this knowledge, got more confident and perceived this professional development as a positive challenge” (Maun, Engstrom, Frantz, Bramberg & Thorn.2014. P 6). IV. Body Paragraph 3 (Heading) a. Transition: Conflict within healthcare system should be a responsibility of all involved, starting from the top, to operations, administration and all entities involved. b. Topic Sentence: Managing conflict is a must in avoiding compromised patient care. i. Supporting detail 1: Heltzer explores the one common denominator missing in conflict resolution, the doctors. Heltzer writes, “Physical harm flows from inadequate communication ending in adverse outcomes or errors” (Heltzer, 2007. P, 402). His evidence included well documented law review journals to professional organizations publishing how conflict resulted in harm in healthcare, harm that included, patient safety, financial concerns and litigation. Other conflicts he discovered showing internal disputes between staff members. “The Veterans Health Administration in 2005 found that more than three-quarters of nurses surveyed, and nearly half of physicians surveyed said they had witnessed disruptive behavior among nurses and physicians” (Heltzer, 2007. P, 403). Heltzer noted that one in 10 patients around the world are affected by medical error, in his report he references a world health organization that aimed at improving patient safety of the nine identified, third on the list was communication during patient hand-over (Heltzer, 2007. P, 404). Accountability is key. ii. Supporting detail 2: The leading cause to sentential events is miscommunication, according to Joint Commission. Discussion: Literature Review Outline Hertz study showed, “that conflict was not isolated to nurses or even between nurses and physicians, but actually existed throughout the hospital hierarchy” (Heltzer, 2007. P, 404). One such particular study showed that surgeons fighting over who was entitled based on credentials to perform a certain procedure. iii. Supporting detail 3: Apology and/or disclosure laws have been enacted in several states, allowing physicians to apologies for their mistake, and it will either protect the evidence or the disclosure law allows serious errors to be disclosed in court. This putting pressure for stronger communication and resolution systems, where the conflict stands is hospitals having increased errors, a demolished reputation and substantial amount of money lost. Lawyers advised physicians not to apologize for wrong due because of possible furthering liability for the hospitals. This practice decreased full disclosure leading to continued mistakes because no one is learning from them. V. Body Paragraph 4 (Heading) a. Transition: Recognizing that conflict management is the bases for achieving patient safety, it is the responsibility of the entire organization starting at the top. b. Topic Sentence: Implementing the apology and disclosure act, is appropriate prevention is keep patients safe. i. Supporting detail 1: By doing so we can openly talk about mistakes and identify system failures and implement corrective measures. The challenge is not having systems in place for implementing conflict management. Heltzer emphasis that “the board requires organizational leaders to provide processes and policies to address clinical failures, the board should require leaders to address communication failures represented in organizational conflict (Heltzer, 2007. P, 409). ii. Supporting detail 2: “Discussion: Literature Review Outline Accordingly, in 2009 TJC issued standards requiring that hospitals’ governing bodies provide a system for resolving conflicts among individuals working in the hospital and that, particularly for senior management, “[t]he hospital manages conflict between leadership groups to protect the quality and safety of care” (Morreim, 2015. P. 849). Starting at the top and working down, responsibility starts with management. iii. Supporting detail 3: Nurses, physicians and all staff involved in patient care struggle with day to day operations, through well-constructed conflict resolution we can lesion the tension leading to improved quality satisfaction. Morreim describes one such success story. Morreim a physician was involved in a mediation on a discharge of a seven year old boy. The conflict was the parents were divorced and who would the boy reside. The difficult part of this situation was the little boy was, extubated not fully vegetative state, but not fully conscious and minimal responsiveness to his environment. He required 24 hour care, like, tube feedings and suctioning. The road block was the mother of the boy remarried and neither current spouse nor ex-husband got along. The physician had to play mediation, this taking higher conflict management skills. He first had to resolve the battle of the parents, then address the patient whom he was responsible for his care. This brought about how to resolve conflict within healthcare mediation, the answer he concluded is involving ethics committee to construct a conflict consultation services. VI. Conclusion a. Transition: Resolving conflict appropriately requires skills, opportunities, intensive training and ethics committee that can deliver conflict resolution to all employees. Using all levels of healthcare’s input while establishing guidelines is an important aspect. b. Restatement of thesis: Creating a foundation, with proper training and accountability can reduce stress within the work environment, improving moral and lessening employee turnovers. References Equal Employment Opportunities Commission.Discussion: Literature Review Outline EEOC Litigation Statistics, FY 2010 through FY 2015. http://www. eeoc.gov/eeoc/statistics/enforcement/genetic.cfm (accessed September 23, 2016) Haraway, D.l. & Haraway, W.M. (2005). Analysis of the Effect of Conflict-Management and Resolution Training on Employee Stress at a Healthcare Organization. Hospital Topics, 83(4), 11-17.doi:10.3200/htps.83.4.11-18 Hetzler, D. C., & Record, C. (2007). Healthcare conflict management: An obligation of the board. Hamline J. Pub. L. & Pol’y, 29, 401. Maun, A., Engström, M., Frantz, A., Brämberg, E. B., & Thorn, J. (2014). Effective teamwork in primary healthcare through a structured patient-sorting system-a qualitative study on staff members’ conceptions. BMC family practice, 15(1), 1. Morreim, H. (2015). Conflict Resolution in the Clinical Setting: A Story Beyond Bioethics Mediation. The Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics, 43(4), 843-856. Running Head: MENTAL ILLNESS AMONGST THE YOUNG PEOPLE Mental Illness amongst the Young People General Education Capstone Lorena Randazzo West Coast University 07/08/2017 1 MENTAL ILLNESS AMONGST THE YOUNG PEOPLE 2 Mental Illness in Youths Introduction The topic to explore in this paper is the issue of mental illness amongst the youths and young people in the United States. Mental illness entails to a variety of mental health conditions that affect the behaviors, moods and thinking of individuals. Examples of this health disorder including but not limited to anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and schizophrenia among others. Young people are more susceptible to mental illness as opposed to adults and this trend is primarily caused by the physical and psychological changes they are experiencing as they grow. Purpose The prevalence of mental illness amongst the young people is the aspect that draws me to this topic. Typically, the life of a young person is similar to that of a rollercoaster that lasts for long. With emotional instability, youth can feel on the edge of something-long after adolescence sets in. Discussion: Literature Review Outline Adolescence is a period characterized by growth and changes mentally, physically, and emotionally. Moreover, it’s during this period that the beginning of mental health illness can start. The field of health and medicine covers issues related to the health of individuals irrespective of their age, sex, ethnicity, and sexuality among others. The topic of mental illness in the young people is relevant to the field because it addresses the issue of mental disorders and it’s prevalence as well as possible intervention strategies (Patel, Flisher, Hetrick, McGorry, 2007). The purpose of exploring this topic is to identify the prevalence of mental illness amongst the young people in the United States. Moreover, this topic aims at identifying medicinal and therapeutic interventions that could assist the young people affected with this health disorder. MENTAL ILLNESS AMONGST THE YOUNG PEOPLE 3 Additionally, the intended goal of this paper is to evoke change amongst the youths and their families regarding how the view the issue of mental illness. Exploring the topic of mental illness will also provide a new solution about how the preventive measures will be taken to prevent instances of mental disorder amongst the young people. These goals are realistic because they can be easily achieved by all the relevant stakeholders including the affected and unaffected population, their family members, the community, medical professionals, as well as other players. The target audience This paper addresses the issue of mental illness amongst the youths and the young people. For this reason, the intended target audience is the youths and the young people between twelve and sixteen years in the United States. The affected young people are both girls and boys from American culture and low socioeconomic backgrounds, but taking into consideration that mental illness affects youths from all walks of life and does not discriminate on any basis (Gulliver, Griffiths, Christensen, 2010). Research questions 1. What is the prevalence of mental health illness amongst the young people between twelve and sixteen years old? 2. What are the causes and consequences of mental illness in the young people? 3. What are the measures put in place to counter the prevalence and impact of mental health? 4. How effective are the intervention programs that address the issue of mental illness?Discussion: Literature Review Outline 5. Assess the mental health skills in primary care? MENTAL ILLNESS AMONGST THE YOUNG PEOPLE 4 Problem statement Mental health illness affects approximately 1 in every ten young people. Disturbingly, however, over 75% of the youths between twelve and sixteen years old ,who experience mental illness have not had suitable interventions at an appropriately early age. The emotional wellbeing of the young people is as important as their physical health (World Health Organization, 2014). Hypothesis The intervention programs that address the issue of mental illness among youth American boys and girls between twelve and sixteen years old are effective. Typically, those measures put in place by relevant stakeholders are effective because they can prevent and curb the prevalence of mental illness amongst the youths. This hypothesis can identify the variables, the population, and the relationship between the variables. The intervention programs, including psychological, political and social, are the independent variables whereas the mental illness is the dependent variable. The hypothesis will be tested using sampling method. 5 MENTAL ILLNESS AMONGST THE YOUNG PEOPLE References Gulliver, A., Griffiths, K. M., & Christensen, H. (2010). Perceived barriers and facilitators to mental health help-seeking in young people: a systematic review. BMC psychiatry, 10(1), 113. Patel, V., Flisher, A. J., Hetrick, S., & McGorry, P. (2007). Mental health of young people: a global public-health challenge. The Lancet, 369(9569), 1302-1313. World Health Organization. (2014). Social determinants of mental health. World Health Organization. The Mental Health of Children and Adolescents https://www.health.gov.au/internet/main/publishing.nsf/Content/9DA8CA21306FE6EDC A257E2700016945/$File/child2.pdf … Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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