Discussion: Accountable Care Organization Paper

Discussion: Accountable Care Organization Paper ORDER NOW FOR CUSTOMIZED AND ORIGINAL ESSAY PAPERS ON Discussion: Accountable Care Organization Paper simply fixed the noted errors , ensuring each has a title page and correct formatting, spacing, etc Liberty University BUSI528 Accountable Care Organization Paper no research required must be excellent in English language and grammar Discussion: Accountable Care Organization Paper and excellent APA Format week_3.pdf be_paper.pdf week_4.pdf vertical_in.pdf week_5_paper_1556204058000.pdf 1 Customer Segmentation When it comes to market interaction, various activities are conducted in line with this aspect of the business. One such aspect is market segmentation. Customer segmentation is the division of an organizations overall target market into much smaller groups with the consideration of various aspects to maximize a market venture. This can be done in accordance with the age of the target group, their genders, the varying interests within that market and the spending habits of the targeted market (Yang, Liu, Teng, Liao, & Xiong, 2016). Companies approach the market in such a manner with the consideration that each customer has a unique preference for goods and services. Individuals do not share similar taste in goods, and this is sometimes influenced by some common factors which lead to the segmentation in line with age, sex and other such factors that put similar individuals’ categories. For the case of Bethseda Hospital and their establishment of an occupational medical program, they can segment their market in line with a few methods of segmentation. The employers approached for the medical program can be considered according to their organization’s size, the operational processes of their organizations and the employee gender composition of each employer’s organization. This form of categorization will better enhance the uptake of the medical services that they have to offer to this community as it will be specialized in accordance with the specifics that these groupings have to offer. Alternatives for Customer Segmentation The segmentation according to the size of an organization is considered since the profitability of a venture is very important. One thing to take into consideration is the size of an organization, this includes the number of employees within the organization which increases the 2 possibility of actually getting to interact with patients (Yang, Liu, Teng, Liao, & Xiong, 2016). This approach is however not very religiously acceptable as it relies on the suffering of another individual. The consideration is made with the belief that an individual can most probably fall ill and have to seek medical attention. A smaller organization will mean that there are meager chances of getting to interact with the covered individuals due to the low probability. Another method of segmentation is in line with the kind of processes that take place in an organization. This will be looked at in various aspects. Organizations with demanding work processes will most probably be the ones to seek stress management from the medical program. The consideration along these lines will also choose according to factories or offices. Organizations that have factory processes will be relevant for the treatment at factories as well as the toxicology assessments which will be predetermined by the kind of chemicals individuals deal with in the factory. In this case, individuals that are dealing with factories that deal with chemicals will seek toxicological assessment and then result in the factory treatment. In offices, the issue of back problems will be the most prevalent problem thus relevance for the hospital (Yang, Liu, Teng, Liao, & Xiong, 2016). Liberty University BUSI528 Accountable Care Organization Paper The segmentation can also be done in accordance with the gender composition of the particular organization for the employer they wish to approach (Öztay?i, Gokdere, Simsek, & Oner, 2017). In this consideration, the hospital will consider organizations that have more women in the labor force. This is because women have a higher probability of having an interest in health education around various aspects of the organization such as stress management. Women are more open to health education as compared to men (Öztay?i, Gokdere, Simsek, & Oner, 2017). In this consideration, organizations with more women can be considered as they will be more profitable. However, this is somewhat selfish of the organization as the organization with higher numbers of men will not be able to enjoy these health services. Conclusion In general, the market approach is a very important aspect of any organization and conducting customer segmentation is an assurance of higher profitability in a specific market venture. For Baltimore Hospital, to effectively deliver their medical services with the highest possible profit margins, they can segment their market in accordance with the size of an organization, the operational processes of the organization and the gender constitution of the organizations of the employers they wish to approach. References Öztay?i, B., Gokdere, U., Simsek, E. N., & Oner, C. S. (2017). A novel approach to segmentation using customer locations data and intelligent techniques. In Handbook of Research on Intelligent Techniques and Modeling Applications in Marketing Analytics (pp. 21-39). IGI Global. Yang, J., Liu, C., Teng, M., Liao, M., & Xiong, H. (2016, December). Buyer targeting optimization: A unified customer segmentation perspective. In 2016 IEEE International Conference on Big Data (Big Data) (pp. 1262-1271). IEEE. 3 Comment Summary Page 1 1. missing a cover page, page #’s and running head 2. Follow APA Table 6.1, p. 177 on the correct way to cite within the text for first and multiple citations. Et al. cannot be used for less than 6 authors the first time a citation is introduced. Use et al. when repeating citations of 3 or more authors. Page 4 3. Periodicals, journals, magazines, newspapers, etc. (the source of the articles) should be in italics; 1 Behavioral Economics Behavioral Economics Miracle Cannon 2 Nurs 503 Liberty University- Online 2 Behavioral Economics Introduction In day to day activities, people working in clinics have a lot of clinical experience. In behavioral change, there is long-term, and short-term conditions. Changing in simple lifestyle can prevent long-term conditions. And this clinical nurses can bring into existence some theories which help the patients to change the behavior. The nurses act as mentors in helping the patient to change the actions which they had more so for improvement of their health, change of bad behaviors like 3 smoking, taking alcohol. Nurses also are advised to improve their communication skills with the patient so that they can open up to them (Källander et al., 2013). Many theories have been used to explain the behavioral change; these include the learning theories which states that a particular behavior will be continued if supported and if dealt with away it will be stopped. Liberty University BUSI528 Accountable Care Organization Paper Another argument is social cognition model which suggest that what we believe in is what we perceive, and that’s how we behave. And lastly, we have stages of change model which states that people go through 4 various stages of life and in every scene a change must be evident (Garner et al., 2014). , Behavioral change helps in supporting individuals’ actions to be achieved positively, but we get to understand that it is difficult to change someone’s behavior and attitude. In theoretical research we see that over twenty-five theory experts were consulted in existing database numerous 5 theories were searched. In behavioral findings, a hundred behavioral met the requirements, and one hundred and seventeen approaches were studied. The theoretical overview of behavioral change can be maintained by focusing on habits, environmental and social influences. After the findings on the theoretical explanations a clinical nurse to promote and sustain the health behaviors of the patient (Källander et al., 2013). Also for a successful behavioral change, there should be a 3 Behavioral Economics continuous affirmative act on the action so that difference will be evident. For example, a nurse should have excellent communication skills to the patient, so he /she should follow instructions 6 being given. As a clinical nurse, there is a population you should have to gain clinical experience that 7 helps in solving environmental issues providing what you’re supposed to do in real life. To achieve a clinical experience, I worked with the large number of adults, children and dealt with almost all problems. I obtained this through volunteering services in dispensaries, clinics, and hospitals, in addition to these I obtained a lot of information from clinical professionals. To gain this clinical experience I worked for more than one thousand two hundred hours in various health sectors and 9 was dealing with many patients. Moreover, I worked with millions of people and this was achieved through taking part in treating both the outpatients and inpatients in clinics, working with the students who are not qualified so that I can mentor them, taking my time to be with the physicians and doing lots of observations and through this I had worked with large population of patients 8 (Källander et al., 2013). 10 In sustaining behavioral change in a population, we face a lot of challenges and these 11 include; on dealing with vulnerable people, nurses experience a lot of problems because these 12 people don’t give an ear to them they just do what they think is correct for them leading to poor health. When it comes to such situations, the nurses lose hope on them and just leaves them to do what they want. However, health promotion has relied on various health packages for health education, and there has not brought any impact in the change of behavior to populations, yet it 13 has contributed to increase in the earlier response. For example, if the individual was smoking or taking alcohol, he will continue with the reaction to grow in the previous answer. Liberty University BUSI528 Accountable Care Organization Paper For example, if the individual was smoking or taking alcohol, he will proceed with the action knowing that these 4 Behavioral Economics behaviors have side effects. When dealing with population a clinical practitioner can organize for health programs to teach them on behavioral change but they may experience inadequate audience to listen to them, sometimes they give irrelevant messages which the audience find it inappropriate and also how they deliver the word matters a lot in that it’s a challenge because the people resist being changed (Källander et al., 2013). Their are many different approaches that can be used to motivate and educate people on 14 15 better health the key proposals include behavior change approach, this changes on how people 16 think or perceive. nurses use this approach to change the behavior of people in the surrounding 18 and makes discern on a good response by creating their own decisions. This approach exposes the patient to health risks of the act he is practicing and allows him to gain health practices on how he will avoid the risks. For example, in the case of a smoker, it will enable him to know all the side effects of smoking like likelihood to have high blood pressure and all sorts of illness. Selfempowerment approach helps people in society to be aware and understand they should act in their ways to improve their health. A health practitioner can use self-empowerment techniques like team building in group work, guidance and counseling sections, health training, educative drama, and 19 social health skills exercise (Age-Related Differences in Associative Memory: Empirical Evidence and Theoretical Perspectives, 2018). Moreover, the health education approach is used mostly in schools by teachers to teach students on health issues; this is essential because awareness is created for students. This approach includes drug education which a teacher is supposed to let the students know about the harm of drugs in their bodies; it is supposed to be taught not less than 15hours in a term. Also, healthy eating education should also be trained to help a student understand foods that are beneficial to their health and also the lifestyle they’re supposed to live. Mental health promotion is also a 17 5 Behavioral Economics program aimed at teaching a student to recognize his or her role in helping others and providing appropriate support to the family and the society in this through reading materials helps the students to be informed. Lastly, sexuality education is essential in this part of the population because it helps them to be responsible when in school to avoid sexual diseases and early pregnancies (Garner et al., 2014). 20 Behavioral economics addresses issues in such a way that people don’t know the economic 21 sense but assumes that they know what is best for them, it puts into notion how people behave in real life without financial regard. In health care, behavioral economics plays a vital role in focusing 22 on ways that relate to decision making and consumer in health care. Liberty University BUSI528 Accountable Care Organization Paper In section like organ donation we see that most countries have a problem in supplying organs for transplant especially when an accident has occurred but when a behavioral economics is applied in these countries we have a program where people register themselves to be donors, and these willingness saves the life of 23 many and also reduces the cost of health care. Moreover, behavioral economics plays a role in enrollment in government-sponsored health insurance programs where brings the understanding if enrollment procedures and provides bonuses to encourage many to enroll. This was promoted by using information from other state programs, dealing away with interviews and not including renewal fee for enrollment. In this, it has played a role in improving insurance programs for public health by cutting off the cost (Filimon, Nela, and Mario, 2014). Prescription of drug insurance plan choice has been simplified through a role played by 24 25 behavioral economics, by enrolling in private health insurance these benefits have been achieved. In this, the government covers seventy-five percent of the costs and hence it has offered an 26 excellent retirement medical care and an insurance policy which consist of drug prescription cover. Moreover, it plays a role in the reduction of tobacco use in that it promoted the raising of cigarettes 6 Behavioral Economics prices, also the taxes were increased making the life of the smokers to be expensive and hence most of the quote from the behavior. Also, many regulations have been introduced in that smoking is restricted in working places, streets, and many buildings. Furthermore, behavioral economics has played a role in obesity problems, this health issue has resulted due to a decrease in the price of various foods which people can afford, we found in many countries that more than half of its population that people are obese, hence prices of consumable foods have been increased and most of the grains have been substituted with fruits, vegetables and dealing away with sweet ice cream and snacks (Brouwer, n.d). Conclusion Change in behavior is inevitable, Christian point of view encourages good morals like 27 quitting behaviors like smoking and alcoholism, the bible also teaches us that our bodies are a temple of holy spirit so we should also take good diet for God to be happy with us. We see that religious leaders play a vital role in promoting well-being of the congregation whom they worship together in that they encourage healthy behaviors by biblical teachings and in these people accept readily. Religious leaders are believed to have excellent communication skills, easily persuade people on matters of salvation as same as heathy care matters, have a cooperating audience and also have mastery on biblical references concerning the healthy living. Liberty University BUSI528 Accountable Care Organization Paper In addition to we realize that God desires a healthy living in us. He wants us living in a healthy life so that we can serve Him diligently in all ways because we realize when we are not healthy we can’t serve him. 7 Behavioral Economics 28 References “Age-Related Differences in Associative Memory: Empirical Evidence and Theoretical Perspectives.” Psyc EXTRA Dataset, 2018. doi:10.1037/e503832018-001. Brouwer, Amanda M. “Self-as-Doer Identity and Health Behavior Change Within Clinical Populations.” A motivation for Sustaining Health Behavior Change (n.d.), 58-72. doi:10.4324/9781315178653-5. Filimon, Nela, and Mario Campaña. “The Role of Greco-Christianity in Preserving Ancient Aristocratic Cultural Values.” Procedia – Social and Behavioral Sciences 140 (2014), 517521. doi:10.1016/j.sbspro.2014.04.463. 8 Behavioral Economics Garner, A. S., Shonkoff, J. P., Siegel, B. S., Dobbins, M. I., Earls, M. F., McGuinn, L., … & Committee on Early Childhood, Adoption, and Dependent Care. (2014). Early childhood adversity, toxic stress, and the role of the pediatrician: translating developmental science into lifelong health. Pediatrics, 129(1), e224-e231. Källander, K., Tibenderana, J. K., Akpogheneta, O. J., Strachan, D. L., Hill, Z., ten Asbroek, A. H., … & Meek, S. R. (2013). Mobile health (mHealth) approaches and lessons for increased performance and retention of community health workers in low-and-middle-income countries: a review. Journal of medical Internet research, 15(1). Comment Summary Page 1 1. formatting incorrect 2. formatting incorrect Page 2 3. sentence doesn’t make sense 4. give me more details about the theories 5. citation needed Page 3 6. Doesn’t really address the section. What did the studies do to get the patients to change their behavior using a certain theory? 7. Again, sentence unclear 8. How can you have a citation for personal experience? 9. really? 10. But what population are you writing about? What behavior do you want them to change? 11. grammatical error 12. run-on sentence 13. unclear Page 4 14. run-on sentence 15. run-on sentence 16. capital 17. area? 18. unclear 19. formatting incorrect Page 5 20. More details needed 21. grammatical error 22. citation needed 23. sentence has multiple errors; citation needed 24. grammar 25. citation 26. citation Page 6 27. grammar Page 7 28. No references were formatted correctly. 1 Accountable Care Organization (ACO) has become the new norm in providing healthcare by integrating alternative payment models other than the usual fee-for-service to patients and third-party payers. Liberty University BUSI528 Accountable Care Organization Paper According to Hacker and Walker (2013), the group of physicians and health care providers who form the ACOs are accountable for the quality, healthcare cost, and the general care of Medicare beneficiaries. On this note, the coordination of the clinicians and health care providers has significantly boosted the provision of quality-based care. The benefit of this value-based payment model has allowed ACOs to position themselves in new markets; however, this has required consideration of various components in the marketing processes. In the presented case study certain components should be used in an ACO’s initial marketing copy when another ACO gets in the market. Components like product quality and tailored messaging are significant. In this case, the quality of products has to meet customer’s expectations. Therefore, the ACO would be required to use a set of metrics to establish the standards of service that customers would want. Hence, this would help in retaining and acquiring new customers since such moves would help them feel there is an improvement in the delivery of care in the promotion of population health. Further with the tailored messages or communicability aspect, the health practitioners would manage to educate consumers the value of ACOs they are likely to get once they become participants (Berkowitz, 2010). Even from a biblical perspective, Proverbs 24:5 illustrates that wisdom increases strength and knowledge enhances power; hence with the information offered, the consumers would make reasonable decisions. Still, the development of a reasonable price policy would attract consumers. If the initial ACO adopts a price policy with reduced costs of health care and establishes quality population health strategies for all targeted groups; this would strengthen its market positioning. Additionally, consideration o … Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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