[SOLVED] Database Design and Implementation

Create a 13 pages page paper that discusses database design and implementation. In other words, though they share common attributes, full time employment may require extra attributes to be recorded. ix. Invoices are prepared per client and can be generated as a report at any time. b. Entity Relationship Model: From the above assumptions, the following business rules are identified: Business Rules: i. Each ARO centre can receive contracts from one or more companies and each company can send contracts to one or more ARO centres. ii. Each company can request for one or more CRPs but each CRP must be requested by one and only one company. iii. No two clients have a same CRP and no two CRPs exist for a same client. iv. Each CRP must have at least one service but each service can exist in one or many CRPs. v. Each client can have one or many dependant buts each dependant must have one and only one client. vi. Each ARO centre must employ one or more employees and each employee must be employed by one and only one centre. vii. Each employee can be assigned only one CRP and each CRP must be assigned to one and only one employee. The above assumptions and business rules are transferred into an enhanced ER data model as shown in below figure: Fig: ER model for ARO database schema c.


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[SOLVED] Database Design and Implementation
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