[SOLVED] Counseling Guidelines and Principles

Submit a 2500 words paper on the topic Counselor and follow-up Paper. The paper further tries to justify the interview correspondence with the mock interview/ counseling guidelines and principles of an interview. From the guidelines, an explanation of achieving a good mock interview for each party to emerge victorious and satisfied. Below is the interview after I went to school for the first time after Frank’s funeral and the school counselor summoned me to her office. School Counselor: Hello Mercy Mercy: Hello to you School Counselor: I am sincerely sorry for what befell you. How are you doing anyway? Mercy: Thank you, though I do not seem to stop imagining about Frank murdering himself. School Counselor: I know it is actually painful to lose an individual you really cared about. Can you tell me some details concerning your emotions? Mercy: I am so disturbed to imagine that I am responsible for his death. It is hard to imagine that I am to blame. School Counselor: Therefore, you are not only handling the unexpected demise of Frank but also feeling guilty? Mercy: Yes (Starting to shed tears). School Counselor: (With a lot of sympathy) You do not need to think deep. This will pass with time. You know Mercy, in many instances, when individuals experience such unexpected loss the first thought that they think of is suicide. I would not like to imagine you in such a situation. Mercy: (Mercy stops weeping, pauses, and hesitantly utters) Consider that the only option. School Counselor: I think I comprehend. however, may you inform me a few more details, concerning what it is that has caused you imagine about suicide? Mercy: I simply cannot stay with this blame. Every person is pointing a finger at me. They are aware that I had parted ways with Frank. Nobody, apart from you, wants to be associated with me. I have a feeling that everyone hates me, and wishes me dead. I have turned a misfit in the society. School Counselor: (Standing up and moving close to mercy) Therefore, you are actually feeling lonely now. You are imagining that you are being accused of Frank’s demise. Mercy: You have that entitlement (Starts crying again). I will show them. School Counselor: What do you imply by “I will show them”? Mercy: If I commit suicide, I believe the desires of their hearts will be satisfied! School Counselor: (Moving back to her seat) Mercy, you said that you thought suicide is a means to bear with the emotions and challenges caused by Frank’s demise. Do you have any arrangement? How would you carry out the suicide? Mercy: Yes, I would carry it out with my car. School Counselor: Have you imagined about the time you will carry it out? Mercy: Yes, I was arranging to get intoxicated and drive off the bridge tonight. School counselor: Thus, the agony feels so heavy that you are imagining of knocking your vehicle off the bridge tonight. Mercy: Yes. School Counselor: Have you at all, previously attempted to discuss with anybody else concerning this agony? Mercy: I was imagining about visiting my old therapist. however, I do not yet understand if she is still within. It has been a decade since I last laid my eyes on her. School Counselor: What were you visiting the therapist for? Mercy: I was depressed.


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[SOLVED] Counseling Guidelines and Principles
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