[SOLVED] Contributors to Psychology

Goal: The overall goal of this assignment is to enhance your knowledge about the history of psychology by examining contributions to psychology.   Role:  Television show host   Audience:  General public and psychology students   Situation:  You earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology but now you are the host of a television show specializing in providing the general population with interesting information.  Your show airs daily. This week, the theme of your show is “Contributors to the History of Psychology.  You have decided to interview important individuals who contributed to the development of the field of psychology.  You are aware of the fact that there is a growing concern that people do not know much about psychology and are misinformed about the nature of psychology.  You were asked (by your supervisor) to find an individual who contributed to psychology as a field.  You do so by going through your history of psychology textbook.  You are to prepare interview questions for your guest.     Product and Performance:              You will interview a famous psychologist (the famous psychologist must be someone mentioned in your history of psychology textbook).  Your objective is to educate people on the history of psychology.  Standards & Criteria for Success:  Become familiar with one individual who contributed to the history of psychology Become familiar with information in the textbook Gather information from websites and the textbook on an individual that contributed to the history of psychology   Tilted Assignment Instructions     Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is two-fold: a) to understand the role of one individual in contributing to the history of psychology and b) to enhance your knowledge about the history of psychology. Skills This assignment will help you practice the following skills that are essential to academic success.  In this assignment you will: Access and collect needed information from appropriate sources Synthesize information to expand knowledge Compose questions to address contributions of a famous individual in the history of psychology.   Knowledge This assignment will also help you become familiar with the following important content knowledge in this discipline: Information relating to the history of psychology (i.e., individual contributors) Familiarity with one individual contributing to the development of psychology as a field Websites and scholarly research related to the history of psychology Familiarity with the personalistic perspective of the history of psychology   Task: To complete the assignment you must complete five items    Choose a person who contributed to the history of psychology by searching through your textbook.  The person chosen must be mentioned in the textbook. Read background information on the person chosen.  You may use your text and internet website sources to obtain information. List 6 questions you would ask the person if he/she was a guest on your television show. Write the correct response to each of your six questions.  Be creative, in writing your responses.  Write the correct response to the questions in the way you believe your chosen individual would respond.  Consider all you know about that chosen individual’s personality when writing a response.  For example, Carl Jung was a playboy.  How might he answer questions asked to him with this personality characteristic in mind.


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[SOLVED] Contributors to Psychology
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