[SOLVED] Conflicting Situations at the Workplace

Write a 8 pages paper on conflicting situations at work place. The entry is about an incident when my boss Teresa assigned me and my partner a combined assignment.&nbsp. We had done joint work before but it had always been predetermined in terms of division.&nbsp. I always had a portion to do and my partner Bruno had his portion.&nbsp. This time the task was different.&nbsp. The instructions were general and we had to do each part of the task together.&nbsp. The first two days went fine.&nbsp. On the third day, Bruno came up with an idea related to the task that I did not agree with and he almost imposed it on me.&nbsp. He presented his proposed plan of action and started working on it directly.&nbsp. In fact, he had done some homework on it even before discussing it with me. &nbsp.He was so confident and imposing about it that I didn’t really know how to behave or how to have in my say.&nbsp. The result was that I remained silent and kept following his plans.&nbsp.The project ended up fine, the short term consequences were also satisfactory, it appeared a smooth joint work but the long term effects it had on me were negative.&nbsp. I never feel comfortable in joint work now and I still regret not doing it my way for I believe it would have given a much better result if we had done it differently. In light of this conflict situation and my submissive reaction to it, I think that my approach is flighty which I have learnt through experience is not healthy in the long run.&nbsp. After finishing this module, I believe that I should have been more assertive and tried to flow instead of flying off.&nbsp. Using I-statements, I could have asserted my ideas, leading to the incorporation of my ideas into his.&nbsp. I could have said: ‘Bruno, I respect your approach to carry out the task but I get upset when I’m left out of the planning and I’d appreciate if we discuss the plan in detail before implementing it.’ &nbsp.Instead of saying: ‘Bruno, tell me what to do next.’ While reviewing literature related to conflict management, I came across a relevant paper by Trelsan (1993).&nbsp. It explains that flight responses to the conflict must be avoided at all costs since such responses yield either I Lose/ You win or I Lose/ You Lose results.&nbsp.&nbsp.


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[SOLVED] Conflicting Situations at the Workplace
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