[SOLVED] Conflict Management Style

As we start exploring conflict management concepts, it may be useful to assess which conflict management style you prefer. Although conflict is a part of life and we may not always be able to avoid a conflict situation, it may be useful to determine your preferred conflict management style. With this in mind, complete the instrument “Conflict Management Styles Assessment. ” The intent of this activity will help you assess the value of each conflict management style as we move forward with the course. This activity aligns with module outcomes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. For this discussion, please engage in the following: Complete the Conflict Management Styles Assessment. Analyze the results and determine whether you agree or disagree with the results. Explain whether you are surprised with the results. Reflect on the Conflict in My Family discussion (M1D1) and see how your results relate to the example you provided in the M1D1 assignment. Share the results of the assessment and explain how your results align with concepts from the reading. For example: What communication style best reflects your conflict management style? Based on your approach to conflict, would you say you show a positive or a negative view of conflict? Please explain. Discussion Expectations Your initial post should be at least 250 words and must substantively integrate the assigned readings from the module. Your initial post is due by Thursday at 11:59 PM EST. Your responses are due by Sunday at 11:59 PM EST. After you have posted, read through the postings of your peers. Choose (at least) two of your peers’ posts to respond to. The posts you choose to respond to do not necessarily have to be classmates’ initial posts. Each response to a peer should be (at least) approximately 100 words in length and should contribute to the discussion in progress. All responses to classmates should be substantive. That is, they should go beyond simple agreement or disagreement with classmates’ posts. Superior participation in the discussion is demonstrated when you include a variety of some of the following:   Expand on ideas, analyze and evaluate, compare and contrast, synthesize, debate, seek common ground, inject knowledge, provide current information from cultural or world events, etc. Integration of the reading or viewing materials into posts is evident, engaging and appropriate. Reach out to different peers in each thread so that everyone is includedand everyone receives a response.  Monitor the discussion often and respond to feedback and comments in a prompt manner. Welcome feedback from others, both appreciative and constructive feedback. Share what you learned from the peer’s post that has changed your view. Discuss how your views have been expanded because you have heard other perspectives. Add a question at the end of your post so that others are more likely to respond to you.  Describe what was difficult for you to understand in the reading or viewing materials. Discuss what you still have a problem understanding and why.


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[SOLVED] Conflict Management Style
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