[SOLUTION] Sex and Sexuality

2 Prompts (OPs select one)1) How can analyzing “moral” concerns about sex and sexuality reveal the operations of various power structures such as cisheteropatriarchy? How do ideas about what is good/natural about sexuality and gender relate specifically to the family? How do ideas about the “ideal” or “normal” family relate to race, sexuality, patriarchy, ability, class, etc.? How can analyzing the “history of sexuality” help us to understand those ideas as socially constructed? How can queer theory and sex liberation help us to unpack what we have taken for granted as “normal” or “natural”?2) How has your understanding of sex, gender, and sexuality changed in the last two weeks? Did Serano’s “intrinsic inclinations” model of gender and sexuality — which accounts for both the external environmental factors and one’s internal feelings — correspond with, or differ from, the beliefs you previously held about gender and sexuality? Can you explain, in your own words, the distinctions between gender identity, gender expression/performance, and sexual orientation? Do you think we’ve left anything important out of our discussions of LGBTQ issues that still needs to be included?In 400-500 words (include word count) you will thoroughly answer one of the discussion prompts provided for the week. In order to gain full points for your post, you need to:Cite specific examples or quotes from at least 3 different readings from the week; include appropriate in-text citations (author last name and page number/timestamp)Cite specific examples or quotes from at least 1 lecture from the week; include appropriate in-text citations (last name and timestamp)In your own words, define one of the key terms I list on the discussion board for the week. Please UNDERLINE it so your peer reviewers can evaluate your definition.Suggested keywords to define **please UNDERLINE in your post cisheteropatriarchy; ideology; material analysis; gender expression; gender identity; gender/sexuality spectrum; sex liberation / sex positivity; sex negativity; sexuality/gender policing; queer fatalism; heteronormativity; “queer”; the erotic

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[SOLUTION] Women of Color Feminism

Women’s Studies 336: Women of Color in the US (Spring 2021)Major Essay (30%)Deadline: March 24 (submit via Blackboard Turnitin link called ‘Essay’ by 11:59 p.m.)Length: 5 pagesPlease write a double-spaced, typed research paper in the area of Women of Color Feminism.The essay must have a clear thesis statement, an introduction, and a conclusion. Please includeyour full name, course number, and date at the top left corner of the first page, and abibliography at the end of your essay. You should use at least 5 different scholarly sources,including books, book chapters, or peer-reviewed articles. Citations and bibliography should bewritten in MLA style. Essays are graded based on content/argument and technical writing. Latepapers will receive a “zero,” unless documents are provided along with a good reason.Themes may include:- Women of Color Feminisms- Women of Color and Film- Women of Color and Television/Television Series- Women of Color and the Politics of Love- Women of Color, Healing and Spirituality- Women of Color, Sexuality and the Erotic- Women of Color, Social Change and Activism- Women of Color and Music/Music Videos- Women of Color, Media and Social Media- Women of Color and Writing- Women of Color, Poetry and the Spoken Word- Decolonizing Feminisms- Women of Color and Contemporary Activist Movements (i.e. Black Lives Matter, Idle No More, #MeToo Movement, Women’s March, Say Her Name)- Women of Color and Pedagogy- Women of Color and Young FeminismsWomen of Color and Immigration/Migration- Women of Color, Health and Well Being- Women of Color and the Arts (i.e. dance, visual arts, performance arts, theatre)- Women of Color and the Global Pandemic- You may also focus on any of the above themes with a focus on specific ethnic groups(i.e. Black women, Asian women, Indigenous women, Middle Eastern women,Latina/Chicana, Mixed Race women, racialized non-binaries)• If you are interested in writing a topic that is not listed, email or talk to me. Once Iapprove then you can start the research and writing.

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[SOLUTION] International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day: Why it is more important than ever for women to have a voice Please keep the wording simple. This essay is meant to show the importance of women and why they are just at important as men. Please if you any questions let me know. This essay is based off USA. I only say this because sometimes I will get statistics from out of the country and it will not correlate to where I live. Please cite your work .

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[SOLUTION] Polygngy and Polyandry

The essay is to be between 7-8 pages long. It must include an credited page in MLA format along with the rest of the essay. The essay must also include 3 accredited online sources and three book sources as well. The essay is to be in MLA format, double space. I will sent over the link where most of the sources must come from. But all sources must come from an accredited source,

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