US versus Finland Public Education

Why is US public education so expensive compared to Finland yet the resulting scores of students aren’t as high?? 1. Identify the problem (US public school is very expensive and students underachieve) 2. Compare different school systems globally (Finland?). 3. Identifies theories that support the identified problem (Why is US public school so expensive, where are the inefficiencies?) 4. Articulate best practices and propose solutions to the issue presented (How can this be changed?). This paper should be written in a formal, professional manner, with a clear thesis, statistical support, and native English speaking voice. A minimum of three scholarly sources is required with APA formatting (attached is one source that must be used). The paper should be at least 7 pages. 1) Paragraph 1 – Written in a professional tone and not in first person (e.g. no “I, we, our” statements). The paragraph immediately hooks the reader and begins framing the paper and the argument. It is perfectly acceptable to use statements such as “The purpose of this paper will be to….” 2) Paragraph 2 – Once the purpose has been expressed in paragraph one (1), paragraph two (2) can discuss how the significance of the purpose…e.g. “The significance of this problem expands beyond the classroom in that….” 3) Paragraph 3 – Paragraph three (3) can revolve around HOW you will frame your argument. E.g. after you have identified a problem and why it is significant, what data or examples will you use to prove your point and how will you conclude the paper? The paragraph might start with “The significant of “x” problem, as discussed previously, has broad application to American daily life. These points will be supported through the following points…” The paragraph may end with, “The essay will conclude with a summary of the thesis of this essay, a brief review of the significance and closing comments…” This paper should be written in a formal, professional manner, with a clear thesis, statistical support and clear academic voice. A minimal of three scholarly sources is required with appropriate APA formatting method.

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