Tourism Case Study

answer the following  points separately and make it short 4 or 5 paragraph for each of the 2 point  1-  chapter 1 : I do expect to see you post your personal opinion on each topic  In Chapter 1, Cook et al. (2018) proposed two different approaches to study tourism, geography-oriented, and business-oriented.  Please choose, in your opinion, which approach is more reasonable to study tourism than the other (the mixed option is not available in this discussion).  Please state your rationale for your choice. 2- Please look at Chapter 2 at Wyllie’s book for understanding some very significant incidents in human tourism history.Would you agree or disagree with the statement that most contemporary Western tourists do not care about “the real thing” in their tourist experiences, but are perfectly happy with simulations, imitations, representations, or fakes? Please tell us your reasons and your observations.  Also, is this phenomenon associated with post-modernism? why and why not? 

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