Art and Politics

The artistic examples I have chosen are (Ngugi Wa Thiong’o_ inspiration from his book decolonising the mind) Selina Thompson – Salt and just in case Bella Hooks

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[SOLVED] Hamlet by the RSC

1.       Consider the necessity of this play: why this play now? What do the artists hope to accomplish? 2.       Observe the Acting: Are they successful in obtaining their objectives? What are their objectives and what tactics do they use to get what they want? Any obstacles? 3.       Observe the Direction.  Does it help or distract from the story? Consider the idea, tempo and mood. 4.       The Aesthetic: Consider the lighting, set, sound, costumes, and makeup. How do these things serve or take away from the story? 5.       Follow up with any final thoughts you might have about the performance.

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