The Space Race

1-In a paragraph explain how a rocket works and why they are used to explore space. 2-In 1+ paragraph(s) explain why the launch of Sputnik in 1957 starts the space race.  3-In 1+ paragraph(s) explain how the American and Soviet approach to organizing their space program differed and how this affected their chances of getting to the Moon by the end of the decade. 4-In a paragraph summarizes the mode NASA decided on for going to the Moon. 5-In 1+ paragraph(s) explain what caused the Space Race to change our understanding of the Earth and ourselves. 6-In a paragraph explain how the end of the cold war influenced cooperation in space. 7-In 1+ paragraph(s) explain why we think Mars is a good place to look for the past or present life. 8-In a paragraph explain the concept of a space habitat. 9-In a paragraph summarize the known hazards of a trip by people to Mars. 10-In 1+ paragraph(s) explain why you think we should continue to explore space.

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