The Black Death Review

Create a character or choose a real person who lived during the Black Death. Write that person’s account of the Black Death in either the first or third person. You may choose to focus on one day or event over the time of the Black Death or to narrate several years of your Black Death experience.  You should not require citations BUT if you draw heavily on a specific reading please include it on a Bibliography page. USE MY FILES ONLY and follow my specific instructions from the file. I left some insights and pages from the Book. (The Black Death The Great Mortality of 1348-1350 and Hatcher) that might help you get an idea. (so please read them) READ THEM since they will help considerably with this paper. And do not use any sources that were not written during the middle ages.  Since it is a much later recording of the black death. (STICK to my sources)   Also read some of Hatcher’s preface so you can get an idea of the writing that must be done for this assignment. (Historical-fiction) so to create a character from the Bubonic Plague while relying on historical content and facts.   A medieval physician for example that recorded the disease through his perspective and understanding of what it was.    DO NOT write about yersinia Pestis or fleas or bacteria since People during this time did not know about this. So, it will not make sense if you write about it.  Just stick to the book for guidance and Hatcher. It has to be from the understanding and point of view of a person that lived during the Bubonic plague during the 14th century.

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