Team Communication and Problem Solving

The intention of the Key Assignment is for you to apply the concepts of this course as it relates to advice on building an effective team. You will assume the role of “management consultant” (one who is hired from outside the organization—to remain objective—to analyze, strategize, investigate, and make suggestions on how to improve return on investment [ROI], production, efficiency, or make a team more effective [that is the one you will undertake]). You will use the slides that you already created in the P3 and P4 IPs to create a seamless, professional PowerPoint presentation that is to be presented to the organization’s management with the intention of giving critical analysis and strategy to make the improvements in the team. Combine the presentation you developed from Phase 3 and Phase 4 into a single team development presentation. Using all of your materials from phase 3 and 4 (assignments), review all of the comments and recommendations provided from your instructor and peers to help you finalize your presentation. Include all of the following items in your final submission: Make revisions to your power point presentation based on their suggestions Make sure all information gaps are covered and explained in detail Make sure the language and wording are consistent and clear in the presentation Make sure the slides are in sequence and easy to follow for your audience Make sure that the format and design of your slides are consistent throughout the presentation Identify presentation topics that can be combined into a single slide for transparency Exclude any materials that are overlapping or repeated to shorten content   Final power point presentation 10-15 slides (excluding title and reference slides) and speaker notes You must include a minimum of 8 scholarly references.

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