State and Local Government Issues

Overview: Understanding some of the issues that states and municipalities deal with helps to make you a more informed citizen. The purpose of this assignment is for you to research and analyze a state and/or local government issue. Instructions: • You will write a short research paper on a state and/or local government political issue.• First complete the What’s your issue? Assignment (Unit 7) to receive approval by the instructor for the issue that you have chosen to write about. You can choose a topic from the list below or choose one of your own. You may also refer to the policy chapters of the textbook (listed in the Unit 8 Supplemental Resources section). You can use the textbook to help you with your paper too. • Your paper will consist of three parts. • Part 1: Introduction o Define the issue o Describe why the issue is important • Part 2: Content o History of the issue o Explain who and/or what is affected by the issue o Demonstrate why the issue is political o Current laws/court cases connected to this issue o Explain the opposing sides of the debate • Part 3: Conclusion o What do you believe will be the outcome of the issue? Why do you believe this? Requirements: • At least 2 pages (double-spaced) in essay format. • At least 3 reputable sources (one can be the textbook) which you have properly cited using in-text citations and list at the end of the paper on your References Page. • Grammar and proper APA writing must be followed. PSC 102 – State and Local Government State or Local Government Issue • Be sure you are writing on an issue from the perspective of state and/or local government and not the federal government. Review this list of possible research topics: • Efforts to increase public safety and decrease crime • Policies dealing with the opioid crisis and drug addiction • The Electoral College and National Popular Vote Compact • Response by states to natural disasters and hurricanes• Welfare programs within the states• Benefits for veterans • Illegal immigration policy and sanctuary cities • Legalizing marijuana • Global warming policy • Tax policy and economic development • Transportation developments for improved transit and infrastructure • Affordable and/or low-income housing in states and municipalities • State environmental policies • Higher educational (i.e.: tuition costs, financial aid) • K-12 education policy (i.e.: achievement gap, Every Child Succeeds Act) • Privatization of government services • Citizen participation in local government • Disparities between rural and urban government • Gun control policies and legislation • Minimum wage within the states • Renewable energy and innovation • Campaign finance reform

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