Theorizing Race

In the Editor’s Introduction to Section One:  Theorizing Race, Racism, and Race Inequalities (textbook), we are introduced to the concept of color-blind racism which, based in the work of Bonilla-Silva (2013), is defined as “a racial ideology that explains contemporary racial inequality as the outcome of nonracial dynamics…” (Golash-Boza 2016:45). Thus, rather than linking racist ideology to structural and individual racism, we cite other causes such as, economic factors, or differences in behavior or culture. Bonilla-Silva (2013) uses several frameworks to illustrate how color-blind racism works: (1) abstract liberalism, (2) naturalization, (3) minimization of racism, and (4) cultural racism. Discuss one of these strategies in a well-developed initial post. Your initial post should include a definition of your selected strategy, and your original thoughts, and ideas on how this strategy contributes to color-blind racism. Make sure that you offer a critical analysis. Integrate the text and/or supplementary scholarly material into your initial post. If you choose to use personal experience, make sure that these experiences fit into the larger scheme of structural racism and/or individual racism. Bonilla-Silva, Eduardo. 2013. Racism Without Racists: Color-Blind Racism and the Persistence of Racial Inequality in America. Lanham, MD: Rowman and Littlefield. Golash-Boza, Tanya Marie. 2016. Race & Racisms: A Critical Approach, Brief Edition. New York, NY: Oxford University Press.

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The Leadership experience by Richard L

There is a book called The Leadership experience by Richard L. Daft 7th edition. I need to write The leadership challenge in chapter one and two of that book.  introduction (no more than 1/3 double spaced page) Leadership Challenge (no more than 1 page) Analysis Based on Chapter 1 (1 – 2 pages) Analysis Based on Chapter 2 (1 – 2 pages) Analysis Based on Business Article (1 – 2 pages) Conclusion (no more than 1/3 page) Only use first person (I) in the section where you describe your challenge. Your analysis needs to refer to your challenge, but you will (in the analysis section) do so by referring to yourself as “this author” or similar (to keep the entire rest of the paper in the required third person). There are several versions online of the Business article you are asked to use for your first paper. You may use the following when citing it (or another citation if you use another version): Christfort, K. (2013). The power of business chemistry: CFO Insights. Also, based on what I have seen over the years, many students have extra blank space between paragraphs in their papers. The reason is almost always how the paragraphs are defined in your Word template. This is what you do to fix it: For all paragraphs in your paper, do the following (you can do this in one operation by first selecting the entire paper by using Ctr+A):

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Women In Music

Female musicians have always played a significant role in popular music. Choose one of the following three female musicians and complete the task and questions below: Memphis Minnie (born Lizzie Douglas) Carole King Patti Smith Briefly discuss her career and musical contributions. In what genres of music did she (or does she still) perform? What instrument(s) does she play? In interviews, has she discussed her female identity and how it affects her career?

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Social or Political Movement of the Twentieth Century

What do you think has been the most important social or political movement of the twentieth century? Do you share a personal identification with this cause? The main question for this paper is: What do you think has been the most important social or political movement of the twentieth century? Do you share a personal identification with this cause? You should analyze Women’s Liberation Movement Introduction: briefly describe WHY Women’s Liberation Movement took place at the twentieth century. What was the social situation? Which social or political issues contribute to this movement? Body paragraph: Analyze why Women’s Liberation Movement is the most important? Give the specific examples which changes have happened in women rights? Provide at least 3 arguments to prove that this movement was important and had positive (valuable) outcomes. Has it changed our society?

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Understanding of Social Integration by Emile Durkheim

In two to four double spaced paragraphs, use Emile Durkheim’s understanding of social integration to discuss whether or not this sociological perspective can be applied to gang violence, teenage pregnancy, and/or drug addiction? Please define social integration and explain Durkheim’s “Suicide” study. Please then analyze this concept and apply it to gang violence, teenage pregnancy and/or drug addiction.

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Educational Systems Analysis

The topic is: an analysis of our educational system using one of the sociological perspectives discussed in class (Choose 1 from the three mentioned: Functionalist theory, Symbolic internationalist, Conflict theory)

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Site Observation Report

Site link: WILL BE ALSO MAKING OBSERVATION IN OTHER THREE COMMUNITIES. Conceptual framework How do you conceptualize the learning that occurs in the space you observed? On what theories, ideas, or frameworks in the Learning Sciences is your framework based? What key things are involved in the learning that takes place at your site, and how do they relate to one another? Present “either graphically or in narrative form, the main things to be studied—the key factors, variables, or constructs—and the presumed relationships among them. Frameworks can be simple or elaborate, commonsensical or theory driven, descriptive or causal.” (Miles, Huberman & Saldaña, 2014, p. 20). You may provide separate frameworks for each of your lenses, or attempt to integrate your ideas into a single framework. See EXAMPLES here. Your analytic approach How did you (individually and together with your group, if applicable) make sense of your data? What roles did you play in each other’s’ analysis processes? How did you select which parts of your data to focus on? How did you ensure that your conclusions were based in evidence? Evidence-supported claims What themes, patterns, phenomena, etc. did you identify? What lens, theories, ideas, or frameworks in the Learning Sciences do your claims draw on? How do your claims emerge from, connect to, or offer concretization of ideas from these lenses? Provide some specific examples from your data as evidence to illustrate and explain your reasoning. This section is an elaborated version of your first and second analytic memos (incorporating revisions based on feedback, and any further thoughts you may wish to incorporate). Synthesis Considering the different claims and frameworks that emerged from the different lenses, what higher-level ideas about learning in the space can you identify? Where do the perspectives of different lenses support or enhance each other? Where are there tensions or contradictions? Are there some places where the lenses just lead you to talk about completely different things? Is there a way to pull them together somehow?

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Sociology of Mental Illness

This paper asks that you investigate a specific mental disorder/illness that we have studied throughout the semester (e.g. depression, autism spectrum, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, post-traumatic stress disorder, etc.) and discuss it with sociological perspective considering the topics we have learnt in this class. The paper that you write should answer the following questions and should be 5-6 pages in length, double-spaced, Times New Roman and 12 pt. font. You may acquire information about the disorder from outside sources but are not expected to use anything beyond the textbook and other assigned material. The outside sources that you use should be research articles or journal articles but not student papers available on the internet! (I can see anything you use without quotations on Turnitin!) Make sure you fully reference every source you use, cite, or quote, including our course readings at the end of your paper. Do not copy long quotes from the readings or from any other written source. The purpose of the exercise is for you to show your knowledge of the readings, but also to perform a critical assessment of the material. Make sure you back up any factual statement with evidence or a reputable source (e.g. if you say that people are more depressed in 2020 than they were in 1963, you should back this up with some data, not just leave it hanging). You will be graded on the quality of your writing, the clarity and accuracy of your arguments, and the overall coherence of your paper. The exam should be submitted to TurnitIN (i.e. all answers combined in one Word or PDF file) 1. What disorder did you investigate? What is the typical course of this disorder? When does it typically begin? Do people who experience the disorder usually get better? Is the disorder episodic? (10 points) 2. According to your sources, what are the primary causes of the disorder (genetic, environmental or both)? If causes have not been established, what possible causes are drawing the attention of current research? What types of evidence have been historically used to evaluate the causes of the disorder? Have there been any changes in the way the disorder is evaluated in the past and today? (30 points) 3.Describe the distribution of the disorder in the population. What subgroups are most likely to experience this disorder? (race, social class, gender or agewise?) What explanations do the sociological studies give for this distribution? (20 points) 4. Based on what you have learned about the history of disorder, can you talk about any dynamics regarding the social construction of this disorder, its medicalization or deinstitutionalization? Discuss how. (20 points) 5.Consider the presence or absence of social stigma and labeling around the disorder. Have there been any changes in the way it is viewed by the society and social institutions? Are there current mechanisms of support for this mental illness? Discuss these mechanisms, the social actors involved in them and their roles for the social inclusion of sufferers of this mental disorder (20  .

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Analysis of Development Theories

Competent social workers are able to construct a strong foundation upon which to build skills by understanding theories from a variety of disciplines. The disciplines of psychology, education, and sociology offer a number of development theories that can easily be applied to the practice of social work. For this Assignment, consider how a theory from another discipline may shed light on social work practice with children and adolescents. By Day 7 Submit a 2- to 4-page paper in which you choose a theory of development from another discipline (refer to Erikson, Piaget, Freud etc.). In your analysis, be sure to address how the theory does or does not relate to social work practice. Please use the Learning Resources to support your answer.

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Cahill 1999

1. Summary of the Article (no more than one paragraph: 1/2 page) You must demonstrate that you read and understood the article using your own words (i.e., use paraphrasing rather than quotes). The key is to focus on 2 or 3 main points of the article that are relevant to this class. Define any key concepts in the article. Make sure to use the ASA style of citations.  2. Social Psychological Analysis of the Article (2 pages) You will learn three main social psychological perspectives earlier in this class: Symbolic Interaction Perspective, Social Structure and Personality Perspective, and Group Processes Perspective. You are to provide your analysis of the article using one of the 3 perspectives. Using your own words, make sure to explain the perspective clearly (i.e., explain the core principles and assumptions), define the key concepts to be applied, and then make a clear argument about how you understand the article from the chosen perspective. Make sure to use the ASA style of citations.  3. Relevance of the Introduced Ideas to Real Life Experience (1/2 page) Discuss your assessment of how applicable the introduced ideas are to real life experience in current society.

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