Sociological Reading Response

Answer each question base on the reading. 1) Explain the steps of the scientific method that sociologists must take before they can develop a hypothesis about relationships between prospective variables. Should be around 200 words long (full paragraph). 2) Carry out each of the 4 following steps. (a) Ask a sociological research question followed by a hypothesis. Be sure to ask a sociological question about social variables (think race, class, gender, age, etc) and how they relate to each other. It cannot be a yes/no question – you may want to review the lecture on methods and questions before completing this question. (b) Identify the independent and dependent variables in your question. (c) Explain which research method you think would be best to investigate the relationship between these two variables. (d) Explain what kind of sampling methodology you would use and why. Should be about 250 words long (2 full paragraphs).

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