Social Worker Skills and Research Plan

Self-reflect on your own life thus far. As you embark on the journey of becoming a social worker, answer the following questions: What type of clients will bring most challenges for you based on your background and who you are? For example, what challenges can you anticipate when working with children under the age of 5 or with adults in prison who serving a life sentence for murder? How can you use additive empathy in the process of assigned and working with a case or cases you described above? Module 4: Social Worker Skills (graded) No unread replies. No replies. Which of the skills discussed thus far in your course do you find most easy to use and which skills did you identified as ones you may be finding somewhat challenging to use? How do you think these can influence your work with prospective clients? Module 4: Developing a Sampling Plan (graded) No unread replies. No replies. Initial Post For your upcoming assignment you will be articulating the sampling design for your research plan. For this discussion, provide a brief outline of your tentative sampling design. Define the population, identify the specific sampling design and provide inclusion and exclusion critieria. Be very specific and concrete as this is an excellent opportunity for your peers and instructor to provide constructive feedback as you develop your assignment.

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