Social Constructs Writing

would like you to keep in mind the idea of social constructs for the duration of this class. Watch the following video on Prof. Lee Redfields Youtube page and do the writing assignment  that follows. You may watch the video as many times as needed. If you would like some supplemental videos check the liked videos on this channel.  lecture 1 Social Constructs MUS1303  (Links to an external site.) For this assignment write at least one paragraph that explains the idea of a “social construct” and at least one more paragraph that compares and contrasts  the culture concept of at least two anthropologists discussed in the video.  Follow the journal criteria stated in the class announcements. Journals need to meet the following criteria in order to receive full credit. 1) The text should be Times New Roman 12pt. 2) Double spaced 3) One inch margins 4) written in a narrative (do not just give a list or write the question then answer the question with a few words. this activity is a writing exercise.) I want to read a story for every question. 5) cite all sources

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