Research Methods in Human Sexuality

Your first project is to explore research methods in human sexuality. You should submit a word document with your results. Be sure to explore both questions equally and show understanding of Chapter Two from the textbook.Surveys in Research (Part One – 25 points): You are a researcher at the University of North Texas designing a survey on Human Sexuality. You want to find out if there is a correlation between early premarital sexuality (defined as having sex outside of wedlock before the age of 18) and perceived parental marital satisfaction (defined as the person’s view of how their parents’ marriage is). Write a 10 question instrument that adequately discusses this issue. Below your 10 question survey, write a minimum of a 250-350 word discussion on the pros and cons of using survey research and the best practices of using a survey. Be sure you use vocabulary terms like: Validity, reliability, representative sample, correlations, etc..Naturalistic Observation (Part Two – 25 points) – You are leading a research team at the University of Indiana for an undergraduate project. Your instructor has assigned you to come up with a hypothesis and variables that you could research using naturalistic observation. The subject has to be about naturalistic observation, and you have to achieve this observation in a public area without the participants knowing nor violating their privacy. Brainstorm an area of human sexuality which you can observe in naturalistic observation. Create the hypothesis. Discuss what the independent and dependent variables are in your assignment. Discuss what you think the results would be like if you actually did it. Describe any problems or concerns you think you might have doing that type of naturalistic observation. Use other related vocabulary words in research methods to show an understanding of the material from the chapter.Library Research (Part Three – 25 points) — Please use the library to find any research article of your choice (can be any subject related to human sexuality) that discusses correlations between two or more variables. In at least 250 words, discuss what two things are correlated, how strong the correlation is and what that means according to your textbook. Please cite the article you use. If the article you use is a case study or experiment, it may not have correlations, so you may have to look through a couple of articles until you find one that works. Please do not hesitate to contact the librarian for help if needed.

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