The Three Stages of Knowing

Critical thinking using the 3 stages of knowing (Garden of Eden, Anything Goes, and Thinking Critically)

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Old Testament Review

Always provide a citation for exact quoted material, although it is important to demonstrate your description and not just quotes from text to answer the questions. A couple of paragraphs is what you should aim for in your response. What is the difference between the Pentateuch and Torah? Be specific. Why does the Jewish community object to the characterization of the Hebrew canon as Old? Why is it still new to them? What does Jacob’s wrestle with the Angel before seeing his brother Esau and seeking his own blessing? Who is the Angel? Why does he change Jacob’s name and leave him with a limp? What does this tell us about blessings and to stop run

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World Religion

Pick three key terms or phrases related to the practice of Islam and describe the meaning, practice, and importance of your choices in your own words.

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Vedic Hinduism

Explain how the religion of the Rgveda and other early Vedic texts differs from the religion of the Upanisads. In other words, describe how early Vedic Hinduism differs from late Vedic Hinduism. How did the former evolve into the later? Specifically discuss how the following changed over time during the Vedic period: religious doctrines and beliefs, religious practices, the basic form of society, the geographical center of activity, and the roles in religion of different members of society. In your paper, cite at least four passages from primary sources assigned as readings. These passages should illustrate important features of early or late Vedic Hinduism.

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Faith Integration Discussion

Prompt In his book Ordering Your Private World, Gordon MacDonald compares the inner worlds of many Western Christians as a sinkhole where what had appeared as firm ground suddenly becomes a deep pit because we have failed to pay attention to our spiritual centers. Rather, we focus on the outward trappings of piety and success, with our good works, impressive credentials, networks of friends and enviable reputations. However, if our private worlds are chaotic, they are susceptible to collapse when the pressures of life consume us. Share an example of how someone in your workplace (or a workplace you are familiar with) acted unethically under pressure. Evaluation The quality of your posting will be evaluated, not the viewpoint or expression of your beliefs. Your posting will be assessed based on your understanding, thinking, writing, communication, application, references, and response postings, using the rubric provided. To view the grading rubric associated with this discussion, click the Options icon (3 dots) in the top right corner of the page, and select Show Rubric. Engagement Click on Reply below to post your initial thread to this discussion. Comment on fellow students’ posts by clicking on Reply below their posts. Each initial post must be at least 250 words. Your posting to the Faith Integration Forum must be posted by Tuesday, 11:59PM of this week. A response posting (150 words minimum) to at least one of your colleagues’ postings is due by Thursday, 11:59PM of this week.

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Islam in the West

Brief explanation on Islam in the west precisely Al-Andalus. Pdf attached to view what I studied in class.

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Biblical Perspectives Exercise

The New Testament Church has relied upon the support of volunteers who have an innate desire to serve.  Within the text of the New Testament, we find servant aspirations on every level of church work, in which volunteers are a core asset.  These volunteers manifest their loyalty to the church by making sure the church’s priority needs are being served, and do so without expectation of monetary compensation.  Many believe they are giving back to God, who first freely gave to them.  Without the volunteer, the responsibilities and leadership of many church Sunday schools, choirs, and weekly maintenance requirements could not be completed. Search the New Testament for evidence of church volunteers. Create a chart of volunteering linked to specific biblical texts, with a minimum of 5 examples. Relate those roles of volunteers to a present-day organization of your choice, expanding the chart and showing how the biblical ideas are connected. Provide the chart with a 2-3 paragraph summary explaining how volunteers impact the overall dynamics of the church or the organization. Scholarly academic resources, textbooks, or other sources provided.  Use of APA format is required.

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Eastern Religions

Introduction Choose one of the following categories to focus on for this Eastern religions assignment. For your topic, you must demonstrate knowledge of the terms and concepts of Chapter 1 and incorporate them into your paper. Instructions Choose one of the following topics and write a 2–3 page paper incorporating the key focus areas of the topic. Make sure to use categories and terms from Chapter 1 in your paper. Topic 1 Write a paper in which you compare and contrast two major Eastern religions (Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, or Shinto). Begin your project with a clear and focused thesis statement. Address the origins, region, main leaders, the particular teachings or philosophies, rituals, scriptures, holy days, and impact of the religions. Use the categories and terms from Chapter 1 in your descriptions of the religions. Topic 2 Write a paper in which you feature a dialogue between Confucius and the Buddha. Begin your project with a clear and focused thesis statement. Address these aspects of each figure: birth or origin; ethical system and its source; and reaction to the introduction of their concepts. Compare and contrast their teachings and philosophies. Use the terms and concepts from Chapter 1 to illuminate your dialogue. Topic 3 Write a paper presenting a visual report on two Eastern religious sites nearby (an alternative for those in rural places would be to do an Internet search of two religious locations). Begin your project with a clear and focused thesis statement. Look at architecture, interior space, etc. Include visuals to illustrate your points. How do these reflect the definitions and terms of Chapter 1 and what we have learned about these religions?Topic 4 Conduct an extensive interview with a person who practices an Eastern religion and write a paper presenting the results of this interview. Begin your project with a clear and focused thesis statement. Use these questions in your interview: How did you become associated with this religion? What is it about this religion that intrigues you? Is it difficult to practice your faith? What readings or scriptures do you use? What are some rituals you perform? What holy days do you keep? What would you like others to know about your faith? Use the definitions and categories of religion from Chapter 1 to guide the interview. Topic Write a paper that explores indigenous religions. After an introduction with a clear and focused thesis statement, set up a three-column chart: one column for the basic elements of religion; one for indigenous religions, and one for the Eastern religion of your choice (there are at least three that have indigenous aspects or roots). Identify five or more of the basic aspects of a religion, then determine if they can be found in indigenous or Eastern religions. Summarize your results in a concluding paragraph and address these questions: Based on the terms and definitions of Chapter 1 are indigenous religions really religions? Using the information from Chapter 2, did you find any indigenous religious elements in Eastern religions? Topic 6 Write a paper that explores religion in the news. Find an extensive news story on one Eastern religion or indigenous religion. Begin your project with a clear, focused thesis statement. Using five terms and concepts from Chapter 1 and pertinent chapters from Fisher, interpret that story for people at a family gathering by explaining how it relates to the basic tenets of that faith tradition. Use three sources to support your writing. Choose sources that are credible, relevant, and appropriate. Cite each source listed on your source page at least one time within your assignment.

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The Death of Ivan Ilyich

I need a paper summarizing the death of Ivan Ilyich, and focused on major themes. try to relate it to Catholicism.

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Current Events as They Relate to Johns Gospel

As Christians, we have a responsibility to view the world and its circumstances the way Jesus would. There is much in our society and the world as a whole that can sharpen our minds and our philosophies when it comes to this discipline. Applying the Gospel to what is happening around you is important in developing your biblical worldview. Begin by finding a reputable article about a current event that has occurred in the past year that displays similarity and disparity with John’s Gospel, its narrations, themes or purpose. Read the article and consider how it connects to what we have been learning in John’s Gospel. Then, in a 1- to 2-page, double-spaced reaction, complete the following: Provide the link to your article. Write a brief paragraph summary of the story in your own words. Share how you think this article displays similarity or disparity with John’s Gospel. Describe how this article fits or diverges from what we have been learning in the class. Draw a biblical connection to your article. This can be in the form of specific Scripture in John, or 1 of its narrations, themes, or purpose.

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