Question, Quotation, Talking Point

Question, Quotation, Talking Point Question -As you read the assignment, note the points at which a question come to mind about the methods or conclusions of the research. If it helps, try turning section headings around, putting them in question form. Write a thoughtful question that invites analysis, synthesis, or evaluation of the material, or makes connections between the readings and previous discussion or readings. Quotation -Select a quotation that is especially pertinent or relevant to the main points of the readings. The quotation should be neither too short (1-2 lines) nor too long (10-12 lines). Remember to put the source in parentheses after the quote (who said it, what book or article and what page). Talking Points -Write talking points that show you have thought seriously and critically about the readings. Let me “see inside your head” as you think about, accept, reject, or otherwise engage the reading material. You do not need to answer your question here, but you may talk about it if you wish. Write at least three detailed talking points, covering several different topics from the readings. If there is a library article assigned, include a TP on it.

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