[SOLVED] Principles of Psychology

Find either a news article or a peer-review/scholarly article that relates to one of the topics discussed in chapters 8, 9 or 10. (Principles of Psychology. Marc Breedlove1st EdiciónISBN-13: 978-0199329366, ISBN-10: 0199329362) Do not use blogs, since they generally have the lowest standards of scientific inquiry. The article you choose must have been originally published after January of 2020. Please remember to take a screenshot of the first page (only) of the article, using the Print Screen button on your computer, and either paste it on the very last page of your paper (after the reference page) or attach it as a separate PDF file to your online submission. In one long paragraph (no more than two paragraphs) you MUST:A. Briefly explain the connection of the article to a particular theory, application or research findings discussed in this unit (chapters 8,9,10B. Then, explain the concept in a way that reflects your in-depth understanding, as well as your own ORIGINAL critical thought process, either convincingly arguing or defending the claims made in the article, based on what you have learned throughout the semester so far.IMPORTANT: Just be sure NOT to write a summary of the article, and remember to include proper in-text citations. For more information, visit the library information page on Citations. (Links to an external site.) APA formatted reference page, followed by a screenshot of the first page (ONLY) of the article you have chosen to write about.IMPORTANT – Note that you will be evaluated on following three dimensions:a) relevance of the article to the course materialb) writing, content, and accuracy of descriptionsc) scientific inquiry as well as originality and creativity in making clever or non-obvious connections between your source and course concepts.

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