[SOLUTION] Criminal Justice Policy Process

Write an 800- to 825-word paper that describes the criminal justice policy process.Include the following in your paper:-The key actors in the criminal justice policy process-The steps involved in the process-Suggestions you have to improve the processFormat your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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[SOLUTION] Developing Vocational Education

Assessment 2: Case StudyIn order to apply the concepts developed in this course, you will develop a 1,500 word case study in response to the following question (below). Your answer must draw on relevant policy analysis concepts/ theories/issues in order to demonstrate an understanding of the case. In the country of your choice, address the SAME issue which got onto the government’s agenda (at national or sub-national level), identify:(a) the way in which the ‘problem’ was defined by public authorities,(b) and explain why the problem was defined in this way.

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[SOLUTION] Designing Mixed Methods Research

Discussion: Designing Mixed Methods ResearchMixed methods research designs refer to a set of designs that purposively mix or integrate both qualitative data and quantitative data. As with quantitative research and qualitative research, the choice to use mixed methods research is influenced by the researcher’s philosophical orientation.This week’s readings provide an overview of various types of mixed methods research designs. As with previous discussions on design, the selection of the most appropriate mixed design is guided by the study’s purpose and research questions and/or hypotheses. The choice of design links the research questions and/or hypotheses to the data that will be collected achieving alignment among research components.In this Discussion, you will explore the basics of mixed methods research designs, calling upon your growing understanding of both quantitative and qualitative research.With these thoughts in mind:By Day 4Post your response to the question, “To what extent is mixed methods research simply taking a quantitative design and a qualitative design and putting them together?” Next, explain the types of research questions best served by mixed methods research. Then, explain one strength and one limitation of mixed methods research. Finally, provide a rationale for or against the utility of mixed methods research in your discipline.

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[SOLUTION] Advent of the English Utilitarians

Question: The advent of the English utilitarians marked the beginning of a reform movement and counteraction to the philosophy of natural harmony proposed by earlier classical theory. What central argument was put forward by Bentham and the other utilitarians in order to advance their philosophy of the greatest good for the greatest number. What contribution did their idea make for public policy?

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[SOLUTION] Policy Brief for Legalization of Medical Marijuana

Policy briefs provide a detailed analysis of an issue, but in a summarized format intended to be accessible to busy policymakers. In trying to balance those goals, the length of the brief is important. Your paper should be a length of 8-9 typed, double-spaced pages. You will likely receive a deduction in points if you submit a paper not meeting this requirement. The page total does NOT include your cover page or reference list. Use a 12-point font and 1” margins throughout. Please use page numbers. **I also want the paper to touch briefly on the recreational policies, focusing on the social acceptance.

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[SOLUTION] Personal History

Personal HistoryWhat about your background motivates youMulti lingual, multicultural – interest in differences between systemsMeaningful experiences–internships, personal experience with the topic How background add to diversity of the schoolHow you might be able to bring in your understanding of certain events/systems to help other people’s learning familial, cultural, socioeconomic, or personal experiences or challenges; gender identity; community services, outreach services, first-generation collegeSome of these topics would inform the first two bulletsMention anything else that you haven’t had a way to weave in yet– “this is unrepresented in the field”

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[SOLUTION] Political Philosophy and Public Policy

Answer the question below in a 5 -7-page write-uQuestion:A key question in any society is “Who shall be poor?” How have Americans traditionally answered this question? How and why has the national government begun to try to change the answer to this question beginning in the twentieth century until present.

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