Interest Group

Interest groups attempt to lobby their community, state, and federal policy makers in hopes of advocating their position. Using your interest group chosen from the previous week’s Discussion Preparation, speculate how successful the special interest is based on the amount of money invested in lobbying and how much money per year that interest group spends on lobbying (either federal, state, or both) for its cause or position.

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Policy Making

Should the United States Senate eliminate the Legislative Filibuster? If yes, Why? If no, Why not? What if anything, does the history of the filibuster teach us about the present and future impact of such a decision? This assignment is a Research Assignment. You must research academic journals, think tank publications,, articles from major newspapers and other reputable sources. (Wikipedia is NOT a credible academic source.) Along with substantive analysis, your papers should reflect what you believe I need to know based on your comprehensive research and analysis of what you read including opposing points of view. All assignments must be properly sourced and require research beyond the required and recommended readings. For both assignments, please include: • Cover Page (with your name) • Abstract • Table of Contents • Substantive history, current facts, analysis • Bibliography (identify ALL your sources) IMPORTANT  For all assignments, there are NO PAGE LENGTH OR STYLE REQUIREMENTS. As a graduate student, scholar and public administrator it is up to your discretion to determine how best to inform, teach and display the knowledge you have acquired through your independent research. You determine what is pertinent to include in your research paper based on the knowledge you have acquired through analysis and evaluation. • What have you discovered? • What were your findings? • What did you determine? • What do you think? • What is your plan?

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[SOLUTION] Private Sector

Why do you think the private sector has so much influence on government, especially when it comes to reform? How does the public perceive the private sector? How has this changed over time? What could account for these changing perceptions?

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[SOLUTION] Judicial Administration

Identify a problem pertaining to the courts or judicial administration. Select a court or other judicial entity that is addressing or has addressed the problem. Determine how the matter is or was managed, and assess the effectiveness of this resolution. Structure the paper with title headings in sections as follows: 1) Identification, history, and scope of the problem; 2) Identification and description of the judicial entity addressing the matter; 3) Description of the means used to resolve the problem; 4) Assessment of the effectiveness of the solution; and 5) Your own concluding analysis of the issue.Papers should be ten pages long in standard 10 or 12 point font and written in APA style.  You must use at least 10 legitimate academic references including one (but only one) from the Neubauer & Meinhold course textbook. Wikipedia and mere stand-alone web pages are not acceptable references.

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[SOLUTION] Implementation Strategies

Case Study: Implementation StrategiesUse the Week 7 Case Study Template to complete this assignment.Your proposed information system is still a contender. The executives, however, are asking whether it is too limited to prevent the shadow IT projects that continue to take place throughout the organization.They believe that you have considered what the organization does now, but how will your system adapt to new products and processes? Read Nicolet Plastics’ Quick Response Manufacturing Strategy for a concrete example of what they mean. You’ll have to quell their fears, so it’s time for another memo. Please focus on these points:Identify any significant changes that your organization might reasonably make in its product offerings in the next three years. Explain the competitive benefits of this change.Explain how your information system addresses or can adapt to the introduction of these new product offerings.Give one reason why capabilities for the new product offerings should or should not be incorporated in the initial information system design. Justify your reason.This memo should be 3–5 pages long.This course requires the use of Strayer Writing Standards. For assistance and information, please refer to the Strayer Writing Standards link in the left-hand menu of your course.The specific course learning outcome associated with this assignment is:Determine how information systems influence organizational strategies to improve decision making.ReferenceIQMS. No date. Nicolet Plastics’ Quick Response Manufacturing Strategy.

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[SOLUTION] Politics and Public Administration

Compare and contrast what President Woodrow Wilson and Frank Goodnow said about politics and public administration.  Discuss and critique their writings and analyze the politics-administration dichotomy, whether the dichotomy is real or ideal, and how they impacted public administration today.

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[SOLUTION] Stakeholder Assessment

Part Two: Stakeholder AssessmentThis section of the paper asks you to engage with the parties responsible for addressing the problem. It involves stakeholders, or entities (e.g., agencies, advocacy groups, employee unions, elected officials) that (a) are in a position to participate in policy decisions; (b) stand to gain or lose something, depending on the outcome of a policy decision (e.g., the clients of a specific agency or the public in general); or (c) can heavily influence the outcome of a policy decision (advocacy groups, community-based organizations, or faith-based groups). Your stakeholder group should include all the relevant parties involved in your problem, not just the ones empowered to address it. That is, if you identified your problem as allegations of police abuse of authority, your stakeholder group must include the police department under investigation.Identify the relevant parties involved in the issue. Provide the names (and titles) of stakeholders who represent the interests of organizations heavily invested in the current policy debate (such as a member of the New York City Council who has been vocal on the issue of homelessness, the commissioner of the Department of Homeless Services, real estate developers who get tax breaks for building affordable housing). Include one stakeholder that represents affected parties that may otherwise not have a voice in the debate (for example, the Coalition for the Homeless, or another community-based organization serving the homeless). For each stakeholder (there should be a minimum of three), provide the following information:•    Describe/define the issue from the stakeholder’s perspective. An advocacy group for the homeless sees the issue differently than an elected official or a lobbying group for the real estate industry. •    Does the stakeholder see the issue as a priority? Is this a pressing issue? Not every stakeholder may see the problem as a high priority (if none of them do, you have selected a poor topic).•    Does the stakeholder have close ties to a particular interest group or a constituent group? Identify at least one interest group or constituency that heavily influences the stakeholder’s stance on the issue.•    Is the issue under discussion potentially a political liability to an elected official? Is it a potential political windfall? (That is, could it cost the official the possibility of re-election or could it boost her in the eyes of potential voters?)•    What does the stakeholder want to see happen? (Answer this question in terms of short-term and long-term outcomes.)•    Is the stakeholder’s involvement essential to developing a workable solution to the problem? Can a solution to the problem be arrived at without some sort of buy-in from the stakeholder?

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[SOLUTION] Public Sector and Private Sector

Compare and contrast the public sector with the private sector. Please stay within the word limit of 1000 words. i would prefer to aim above 650 on the word limit. Also please use scholarly sources for references.

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[SOLUTION] Senior Executive Service

What do you think of the senior executive service? Do you think it is compatible with democracy? Why or why not?

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[SOLUTION] Leadership and Decision Making

Using Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, discuss the notion that motivating workers leads to greater productivity and performance.

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