Projecting Profits and Losses

Topic: Projecting Profits and Losses Please make sure you have had sufficient review time in the Learning Activity this week to better understand the concepts you will use in both this Discussion and in the Assignment. Consider the small business you have focused on in earlier units and consult Course Documents for additional help in projecting monthly sales. Project your monthly sales, and then take a guess about what your expenses are going to be for that same month. Do not forget things like rent, utilities, supplies, inventory, salaries, and pay and profit for you. Use the Unit 9 Spreadsheet Template (Excel file).  Using the template, you will insert your sales, and then you will subtract your major expenses (remember, these are all just guesses, or projections). The template will do the math for you by subtracting the expenses from the sales for a net profit before taxes. This is a simple profit and loss statement. There is more to a real one than can be seen in your work here, but it is a start to being able to understand one of the ways to analyze your finances for a month’s time. You do not need to submit or share your spreadsheet, but make sure to refer to it as you respond to the following: What are some of the main discoveries you made about your business’s monthly profit and loss potential as you completed the spreadsheet? What questions do financial ratios help answer about a firm’s financial performance? What ratios might be of more interest to certain stakeholders and why? My business is called K9 University and it is a dog training buisness. Documents needed will be uploaded.  The template is for reference. The two questions must be written in a word document.

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