Professional Leadership Aspirations

As there is increasing awareness about the fact that the early childhood years of zero to five are the most critical years for a child’s development, it is of the increasing importance that we have leaders in the field of early childhood education (ECE) who are well-informed, well-educated, passionate about helping all children, and determined to influence decision-makers and to become the decision-makers, which determine how and where to direct funding and efforts to assure the best experience possible for these precious developing minds. Such efforts include strengthening the support network for families and investing to support increased wages and ongoing professional development for ECE teachers. Leadership is not always an inherent skill. To be an effective leader, you will need to put the work in to constantly improve your skills so you can be the best leader possible. Try to think of someone in the early childhood field that you admire and identify some of their leadership characteristics . For this assignment, read the twelve leadership tips below and in a one-page paper describe four of the areas where you would like to make a commitment to improve your professional leadership skills.  Always keep learning. Be persistent. Use reflective practice. Be an Early Learning advocate in your community. Get involved in professional organizations. Develop a strong & clear vision. Be assertive when necessary. Manage your time well. Delegate when appropriate. Take advantage of professional learning opportunities. Develop your emotional intelligence. Prioritize quality.

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