Probation and Parole Writing

You are employed by a non-profit group that works with parolees who are attempting to reenter the community. Your boss has asked you to prepare a report that identifies the obstacles these offenders will encounter. You should address housing and employment, of course, but you must look deeper into other issues, including the following: • What effect will criminal background checks, for example, have on these offenders’ chances of finding work?  • What types of work might they be eligible for and precluded from?  • Who will rent to them?  • What bonds with the community do your clients currently have in place?  • Are there any gang affiliations of concern?  • Any substance abuse problems of concern?  • Do you have any violent offenders? If so, what additional obstacles do they face? • What are some of the “collateral consequences” of conviction identified by the American Bar Association and others? The following articles and websites will help you get started: For the next portion of this writing assignment, state your opinion on collateral consequences. Do you believe that if an offender has done the prison time, he or she should not be further penalized upon reentry? Or do you believe that offenders who violated society’s rules should be precluded from employment, voting, etc.? Support your argument with concepts you learned from the textbook and outside readings.

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