Pro and Cons Research Paper

The general format of the paper must be: 1.            The body of the paper, not including the cover and reference pages, must be at least 3-5 pages long and include the following: a.            Intro paragraph: define your topic and summarize the main pro and con points that are coming up in the paper. b.            Next should be an in-depth background of the topic; either a history or explanation of procedures or whatever is needed. c.             Then you should have at least one pro and one con paragraph. Usually there is more than one for each.  i.              You must present and explain in detail at least 2-3 pros and 2-3 cons ii.             Support each pro and con with data and statistics that can show its strength or weakness iii.            Each pro and con should be presented, explained and supported in separate paragraphs d.            Conclusion: Here you should be stating what stance you agree with and why. Usually you can use a summary of points made in the paper to support how you feel and anything personal that goes with your topic. 3.            You MUST use IN-TEXT citations in APA format throughout your paper to show where your information came from. ALL information taken from your sources must be cited properly. 4.            Be sure the References are listed in proper APA format.

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