The South Border Wall

Should America Have a Completed Wall at its Southern Border?

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[SOLUTION] Introduction to American Government

1. Interest groups as well as social and news media, play an intricate role in American government. These groups inform voters on who they should elect as their presidential and vice presidential candidate. Many help with voters turn out. With that being said, do you think the election was ”rigged” as the president claims? Do you think the president should continue with the nonsensical behavior of blaming the news media, interest groups, and taking the democratic party to court. How do you think taxpayers were affected?Note: – Paper should include a heading with your name, professor, class, date and semester.- Title your paper AmericanGovernmentFinal2020_LastnameFirstname, so it would be easier to find your final exams. – You MLA Format (double space, one inch margin, times new roman, font 12)- Proper use of grammar and punctuation – If you did not do this you will lose points of your final

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