[SOLVED] Plato’s Democracy

Find a “contemporary” application of Plato’s democracy . You are to find how Plato’s idea of “democracy” apply to current political life. 1. By “contemporary,” I mean current day but you can find an application “historically.” It can be something from the past – either in the United States or internationally. This is wide open as far as the time period and what types of applications you find. I state “contemporary,” because you may find it more meaningful to find something current, but it is not limited to today’s events. 2. What types of applications? you can find a painting, picture, drawing, video, etc, a newspaper article, a scholarly article, writing from a blog – anything in written form that is published, including twitter, facebook, etc. The “form” you choose for your application is also wide open. 3. You will also submit a 300-word single space explanation of how Plato’s idea of democracy “applies” to the political phenomenon or application you have chosen. the essay i need rewritten doesn’t have a “contemporary” application its mostly an explanation of platos ideas about democracy. i need you add the contemporary application.

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