[SOLVED] Mill’s Liberalism

Using the Wolff text, state and give a brief explanation of Mill’s Harm Principle, AKA the Liberty Principle. (In your explanation you should say something to motivate the principle: What is Mill trying to accomplish in issuing the principle?) II) Explain why Mill thinks that liberty is valuable as a means to moral progress (see p. 121-124) and provide at least one specific example to illustrate this claim—feel free to construct your own! III) Though Mill argues against censorship, he thinks there are limits to freedom of expression. Give your own modern day example of a case of ‘freedom of expression’ that Mill would *want* to prohibit. IV) Finally, describe your favorite objection to Mill’s Liberalism (you can use one that Wolff describes or come up with your own). How do you think Mill would reply to the objection? Ultimately, do you think this reply is successful, or is Mill’s view vulnerable to the objection?

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