[SOLUTION] Entertainment Medium Comparison

Watch Murphy’s Romance (1985) and In Old California (1942)Comparison Reviews should focus on the image of the Pharmacist as it is portrayed in both of these movies.1. Compare a direct patient encounter by these two Pharmacists.2. Compare how each pharmacist presented himself as a professional and how he represented the profession.3. Which pharmacist would you rather have for your family? Why?4. If a movie were to be made in 2021 that had a Pharmacist as a main character, which actor (male or female) would make a good Pharmacist? Why?Write in essay form.

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[SOLUTION] Banning Smoking in New Jersey Casinos

Read the attached article, Banning Smoking in New Jersey Casinos. As part of your discussion, answer the following questions:1. How was the battle for the casino exemption fought?2. How important is it to establish the “real issue” in a political battle?3. What are people’s rights in regards to working in a safe workplace free from hazardous exposure to toxic materials such as cigarette smoke?4. What possible future issue in pharmacy may follow the same information strategies? Explain How.You are encouraged to look at additional current references from the literature (which you must properly cite) to support your points.

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[SOLUTION] History of Hypothyroidism

A 36 year old female visits the pharmacist to request a medication for weight loss. She has a history of hypothyroidism and is currently prescribed levothyroxine for this condition.In a 1-2 page APA style paper include the following information:Define hypothyroidism, symptoms involved, and how it is diagnosed.Explain what classification of drug levothyroxine falls under, normal adult dosage, and how it is prescribed.What questions might the pharmacist ask this patient in order prevent possible medication errors and/or contraindications?

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[SOLUTION] Cardiovascular – Angina

Patient is a 72 yo male with new onset angina.  A decision was made to medically manage the case.What medication(s) would you prescribe for the patient to abort an acute angina episode?What medication(s) would you prescribe to prevent angina episodes and decrease mortality?Would a history of asthma or COPD alter your initial therapy and if so how?For all medications discussed please discuss the medications mechanism of action in treating angina.For all medications discussed please explain the monitoring parameters of efficacy and side effects.Please review attached PDF for assistance with answers.

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[SOLUTION] Entertainment Medium

Watch Easy Rider (1969), Up in Smoke (1978), and Reefer Madness (1936)Comparison Reviews should focus on how marijuana and its use are portrayed.Do these films enable or discourage marijuana use?What impact do you think each film had on the public at the time of its release?Why has Reefer Madness become a “cult classic”?What do you see as changes in the use of marijuana in the next five years?How has marijuana use been portrayed more recently?

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