Personal Knowledge

Briefly describe one of the patterns of knowing from Carper’s (1978) patterns of knowing (i.e., empirics, esthetics, personal knowledge, or ethics) or Chinn & Kramer’s (2018) additional pattern of knowing (i.e., emancipatory knowing). Within the description, define the pattern. Then, discuss at least one way that the pattern on which you are writing this paper is applicable to your chosen advanced practice nursing role (e.g., family nurse practitioner role or psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner role) and/or will impact your practice in this role. This paper requires a minimum of one primary reference and the primary reference(s) must at least include Carper (1978) if you are writing on one of the four patterns first identified by Carper as a pattern of knowing in nursing or Chinn & Kramer (2018) if you are writing on the emancipatory pattern of knowing as identified as a pattern of knowing in nursing by Chinn & Kramer. paper needs to be between 250-350 words.

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