Perfecting and Personalizing Approach to Discipline

You will submit an electronic journal of written reflections tied to your readings to help you clarify and define your philosophy and theory of classroom management and assist you in developing and organizing your personal discipline system. You will record and reflect on favorite ideas from the approaches to discipline presented in the text and from other sources. Your reflective journal will also be a means for highlighting issues, viewpoints, and/or online discussions related to your area of expertise. This is not a time to directly answer the thinking questions PROVIDED IN MODULE 4, but rather to synthesize the information provided (cite the text and outside resources using APA).  You must write in paragraphs using appropriate grammar and spelling. Proof-read your work carefully! [guidelines: 200-400 words minimum]  In order to synthesize the information you read, you should talk about the similarities and differences between the “Discipline Authorities” rather than one at a time. What do they have in common? How are they different? How can you apply the thinking in your own classroom? What stands out and why? I am looking for you to dig deep into your soul to change the lives of students! Make sure you “SYNTHESIZE” in your post! (You will lose 2 points on every post if you do not SYNTHESIZE the content you read!!) Respond to classmates in your group using AND CITING examples from the text.  Make sure you explain and cite your examples.

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