Organizational Model Research

Examine and research an organizational theory, approach or model. A list of possible theories, approaches, and models is provided below for your review, though you do not have to select one of these. If you decide to select a theory, approach, or model not on this list, you will need to have it approved by your instructor prior to beginning this project. Classic Organization Theories F. Taylor’s Scientific Management Approach  Weber’s Bureaucratic Management Approach  Fayol’s  Administrative Theory Modern Theories Systems Management  Total Quality Management – Lean Manufacturing  Situational Leadership Theory  Additional Theories/Approaches/Models Dysfunctional Leadership / Toxic Cultures  Politics and Power in Organizations  Select one (1) theory, approach or model and provide the following research: Research the history and development of the theory, approach or model. Provide an examination of an organization that has utilized this theory, approach or model. As you research, this organization, provide details, both positive and negative, on how this theory, approach or model was implemented and impacted this organization. What is the current status of this organization? Does this theory, approach or model still function within this organization? Concluding observations. Write a six (6) to eight (8) page academic research paper. A minimum of five (5) academic sources is required.

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