Organizational Accountability System

Objective:To complete an assessment of your organization’s accountability for results; based on principles and knowledge gained in our class.  The company chosen is YVR The paper will address the following issues: 1.The extent to which your organization subscribes effectively to the Results Based model outlined in the Transformational Servant Leaders pyramid described in Day 1 and its focus on “Uplift”. Provide clear illustrations of the evidence you would look for, and indicate their anticipated impact on the practice of results-based leadership. 2.Explain how your organization incorporates (or does not incorporate) results-based Transformational Servant Leadership requirements into its decision-making system (governance, measurement, activity/budget, monitoring/reporting, and culture). 3.Describe your organization’s capacity to initiate needed improvements in promoting a results-based leadership system that serves your stakeholders.Indicate why, and defend with clear illustrations. 4.Indicate specific results-based leadership strategies you recommend for the best possible organization and community outcomes, and why?Think about the assets available (people, funds, social capital, etc) It will be very helpful to view this assignment as a way of demonstrating your grasp of integrated course material. Please ensure that your paper is no more than 12 pages in length and is double-spaced. End-notes and exhibits can be presented with additional pages. Use of all evaluation criteria will help you write quality papers. Please use at least nine course material references at appropriate points in your final paper.

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