Nutrition Debate Discussion

Read the Nutrition Debate on page 56 of the textbook, ” Nutrition Advice from the Government: Is Anyone Listening?”  Discuss the following topics:      a. Have you heard of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGAs) before you took this course? Is there any evidence that the DGA’s improve the health of Americans?      b. The new MyPlate graphic was also released in 2015 to replace the MyPyramid? It is an interactive, personalized guide you can access on the Internet to evaluate your current diet and physical activity level and to plan appropriate dietary changes. Do you think MyPlate can help reduce our nation’s rates of obesity and chronic diseases? Why or why not?      c. What steps should the government take to make the people use the DGAs and MyPlate to design their diets? Nutrition Debate Nutrition Advice from the U.S. Government: Is Anyone Listening? The 2015–2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGAs) were released in January 2016. They continue to be accompanied by the MyPlate graphic and website ( that were released in 2011 to support the 2010 DGAs. These tools were designed to be practical and user-friendly, so that they would help people to eat more healthfully and reduce their risk for obesity and other chronic diseases. But are they based on scientific consensus? And do people actually consult them for meal planning, shopping, or eating out? Moreover, is there any evidence that the DGAs and MyPlate improve the health of Americans?

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