Newest Vital Sign Tool Kit

Using the NVS as per the instructions in the NVS Toolkit, Assess health literacy on 5 peers using the Newest Vital Sign Tool Kit. This assignment will be graded individually according the Rubric provided the results in a written report and submit on blackboard. Provide a summary of this experience in 2-3 paragraphs and include the following components. What was your hypothesis for the group of people you were testing? In other words, how did you think this group or individuals were going to perform on the NVS? Describe the population you assessed (age, gender, level of education, culture, ethnic background). Report the results. On average how did the group do? Where there any outliers? How did your peers/family members respond? Are the results what you expected? Did you prove or disprove your hypothesis? How did you feel administering this test? How do you feel about this test being administered in a health care environment?

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