Motor Learning and Skill Development

Purpose: The purpose of this project is for the student to observe, assess, and evaluate a specific motor pattern related to a variety of sport biomechanical demands and identify various constraints that may impact the proficiency of the movement as well as design a motor learning/control program that will enhance the development of the specific movement over the course.Instructions:Select Movement, Observe, Assess, Evaluate, & Design Chosen Movement is: Push-up. Three Stages of Life: a kid (9-10yrs old), an Adult (30-40yrs old), and an Elder (60+). Step 1: Select a sport/athletic movement to be observed, assessed, and evaluated. Provide a brief background on the movement selected and how it impacts everyday life of the individual throughout various stages of life.Push-up brief background I chose the push-up because is a true all-around exercise, engaging the body from top to bottom. It works several muscle groups at once: in the arms, chest, abdomen, hips, and legs. It also can be easily modified to fit your current ability and adjusted as your strength and performance improve. Also, besides adding muscle mass, push-ups can improve many of the vital biomechanics of aging. For example, the motion mimics your natural reaction when you fall, where you extend your arms, hands, and wrists to absorb the impact. “Push-ups can teach better muscle memory, so not only is your upper body stronger, but you can quickly react to protect yourself in case you stumble Step 2: Perform visual observation of the movement being performed throughout 3 stages of life (i.e. toddler, child, teenager, adult, older adult, etc.) and identify the individual, environmental, and task constraints if applicable) that affect the “shape” and technical proficiency of the movement. Discuss how each of these constraints, and others if necessary, impacts the movement (positive and negative). Step 3: Design a movement program, per stage of life (3) that may enhance the specific movement in the stage that it was observed, assessed, and evaluated in. This should include a breakdown of the movement from the point that it was observed and a time frame till expected increased proficiency of the movement to the point that it would require to be reassessed and evaluated in order to prepare a program developed to advance the skill to the next level or life stage. THIS ASSIGNMENT SHOULD BE IN ACCORDANCE WITH AMERICAN PYSCHOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION GUIDELINES FOR FORMAT, CITATIONS, AND REFERENCES. This paper should be between 2000-3000 words in length (not including cover page, citations, and/or references listed).

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