Modern Adaptations Mythology

*I would like to use the flood myth. For this assignment, your goal is to write a modern adaptation based on one of the myths that we have read in this class. Choose your favorite mode of storytelling (fiction, poetry, video, graphic novella, screenplay, painting, etc.) and tell us the myth as you imagine it might happen today. Consider the mythological elements that can be found in the original myth: how might you translate the human dilemma and situation into contemporary times? What lessons are at the heart of this myth? How does it teach us about how we are supposed to act (or not act)? There are no specific word counts or page limits for this assignment because you have your choice of style and format for how you want to approach it. However, I will be looking for two main qualities as I grade: the project should demonstrate a thoughtful reinvention of the original elements of the myth. In other words, I should be able to recognize which myth you are adapting, as well as essential details like the myth’s theme, conflict, and the main character’s personality traits. I will also award full credit to projects that show attention to detail and are well-developed, edited, and polished. (If you choose to adapt your myth in a format that cannot be uploaded here, please email it to me). Examples of Modern Adaptations Below are a couple of modern adaptations to get you thinking about how you might translate your myth to contemporary times. Boland and Duffy both write poems about myths–but they take different approaches: Boland talks about how the Persephone myth has connected to her own life. Duffy re-writes the myth of Midas (about the man who wishes for everything he touches to turn to gold) but she tells it from the wife’s perspective. The other adaptation examples include a Doritos commercial, a song, a painting, and a graphic novel. As you consider these, think about what myth you might adapt, and how that myth might look if re-told today. Finally, consider what format you might use for your adaptation. If you like drawing or painting, you can do a visual representation, or you could choose to re-write it, or create a brief video adaptation. It’s totally up to you! The goal is to have fun and re-tell the myth in a way that makes it relatable to contemporary times.

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