Minority Groups in the US

Requirements: Hispanics minorities – Project must be in FULL 7th edition APA Format. final paper.pdf – Must have at least 5 References. Peer reviewed articles – Must be 6 Pages. Page count does NOT include Title Page, or References Page. Key Points (sections) to cover in your Project: Introduction of Minority Group: include an introduction section that lets the reader know the minority group you choose. Key Facts: mention some of the relevant key facts outlined by the chapter and research. For this part, you must make sure to explain and describe the minority group in detail including the relevant key facts pertaining to the group. History of Minority Group in the US: describe the history of the minority group in the US. Relevant Legislation: describe relevant legislation pertaining to the minority group. Population: describe the population of the minority group in the US. Stereotypes: describe the stereotypes associated with this minority group in the US. Strengths: describe some strengths of this minority group. Workplace Diversity- describe the importance of this group in the workplace and what positive aspects this group brings to the workplace. Conclusion- include a conclusion section

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