Press Release

Select a hospital or healthcare entity and outline the organization’s strategic efforts in the wake of a healthcare crisis. Create a press release update in response to media inquiries regarding one of the given scenarios. Apply standard practices of contemporary communicators as shared in the module resources and format response for ease of digital transmission. This milestone will allow you to demonstrate your ability to deliver specific mass media communication efforts in support of real world scenarios as outlined in the Final Project I: Visual Strategic Communication Portfolio.

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Composite Resins

I need a summary of the articles in the appendix. A small summary of each section of the article is to be carried out as: Restoration Fractures, Secondary Caries, Antibacterial Dental Composites, Nonreleasing antibacterial composites, Postoperative Sensitivity, Biocompatibility and moste important longevity. The topic :Composite – Understanding the limits of composite resins and the causes of failure regarding composite resin.Thank you

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[SOLVED] Veterinary Medicine and Tools

Research You will include a combination of secondary research (material gleaned from academic journals, popular periodicals, and credible websites) and primary research (at least one interview is recommended but not required—you may repurpose information gleaned from the profile interview) in order to write the various sections and subsections of your Guide. Outside sources need to be integrated in rhetorically effective ways (as background, as exhibit, as argue, or as method sources). All claims made within the Guide or advice provided for the reader (unless it’s anecdotal) must be supported with credible research. These sources must be documented in text and on a Works Cited page in Modern Language Association, 8th edition. Format/Layout: Your final project should be organized in the form of a manual. The manual must include the following: • a professionally designed cover page (that includes your name and the Guide’s title), • a table of contents, and • consistently designed headings and subheadings throughout the body of the manual. The manual should be organized in a series of major sections and subsections. Subsections should consist of a series of focused, developed paragraphs. 3 Headings and Page Numbers: You do not need to include an MLA-style heading on page one of the Guide, nor do the page numbers need to be located in the upper right hand corner preceded by your name. Instead, your name and the topic should be placed on the cover page, and you may place the page numbers at the foot of each page. Design: The manual needs to illustrate elements of effective design: balance, alignment, contrast, consistency, and use of negative space. We will discuss these elements at length in class. Images: Integrate at least 4-6 (no less than four, no more than six) visuals that either promote or demonstrate content in the manual. The images can consist of writing artifacts (occupational statistics, sample written documents, diagrams depicting a given document’s layout, etc.) or promotional graphics (cover page image). You may also place demonstrative graphics (i.e.., sample pieces of writing) as appendices to the body of the manual. Borrowed images integrated into your manual should be documented in MLA style, 8th edition. Length: Your guide should be approximately 2,500 words (not including cover page, table of contents, references page, and appendices) and include sections and subsections that include coherent and developed responses to most of the questions outlined above.

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[SOLVED] Role of the Health Care Administrator

IntroductionAs you complete your studies as a master’s-prepared health care administrator, what role do you envision for yourself? As you know by now, there are many roles and areas of specialty from which to choose. Since you have almost completed your master’s degree, imagine you have been asked by your dean to make a presentation to a group of undergraduate students considering becoming health care administrators. Your ultimate goal is to sell a health care administrator career to this group of undergraduate students by providing them an overview of health care administration and then personalizing it to how you envision health care will succeed in the next decade.Assignment InstructionsWrite a 1–2 page executive summary of your presentation, plus a 3–5 page paper where you will synthesize the functions of the master’s-prepared health care administrator, including role, responsibilities, and priorities. You will also need to touch on all major components of a health care administrator, such as, but not limited to human resources, finance, information technology, regulatory topics, and leadership.Your executive summary and paper must include all of the elements listed below, so be sure to address each point. You may also want to review the performance-level descriptions for each criterion in the scoring guide to see how your work will be assessed:Provide executive summary of a health care administrator’s job responsibilities.Outline at least six specific functions of a health care administrator.Describe successful leadership traits for the six identified health care administrator functions.Analyze current health care challenges confronting health care administration professionals.Summarize the knowledge and skills necessary for health care leaders to succeed for the next 10 years.Use at least three quality academic references.Meet requirements for clarity, writing mechanics, and formatting.Assignment FormatOn the executive summary, provide a cover page with your name, the course number and course title, your professor’s name, the university’s name, and the date.Include a 1–2 page executive summary of your presentation, after the cover page and before the assignment.Work should be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides.The specific course outcome associated with this assignment is:Synthesize the functions of the master’s-prepared health care administrator, including role, responsibilities, and priorities.

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[SOLVED] Working Conditions between U.S and Other Countries

A research paper that is at least 2000 words, but no more than 2200 words, not including the cover page, abstract and/or references. It must be a double-spaced research paper using Arial or Times Roman 12-point font. The paper should address the issues of cultural differences in work-related aspects of society. The focus should be on countries and/or regions other than the US; however, the comparative analysis between other nations and the US is appropriate. You may also consider Globalization issues, such as the effect of Globalization on a certain professional field or similar comparisons. Choose a topic that is relevant to the course topics and discussions and something that is relevant to your own professional, personal, and academic experiences and interests. This is the designated assignment for your e-portfolio. The paper must be written and organized according to APA format; particularly, pay attention to citations and references of research sources, and to the correspondence between citations in the text of your essay and references at the end. It is expected that you will be using 10 different sources (minimum) that will include academic publications, national/international databases, media/news reports, etc. The cover sheet, abstract page, and reference pages do not count as part of the word count. You do need page numbers. Do not exceed the 2200 word limit. One aspect of this assignment is learning how to consolidate and organize your paper, so it stays within the word count limits. It is possible that additional pages will result in point deduction. You must show a word count. It must be saved as a word doc. PDF files will not be accepted.

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[SOLVED] Health and Wellness Capstone

Society today is being inundated with health and wellness initiatives aimed at improving overall health. The question to consider is if they are implemented for the right populations?In your initial post, give your perspective on why it is important to perform research before health and wellness program initiative implementation.In your response post, reflect on your classmate’s perspective. Do you agree or disagree? Be sure to give examples.

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[SOLVED] Practice Conditions and the Importance of Transfer

Part One:Why does random or varied practice temporarily inhibit performance and enhance learning. Provide an example to support your position.Part Two:Each lesson has included an added focus of technology and motor learning. Often, technology can outperform human senses in some learning strategies and corresponding feedback. Reflect on each technology component of lessons 1-8 ( they include: wearable devices, measuring Contextual Interference C.I., robotics, Open Digital Badges, OBE, telerehabilitation, motor imagery & vibrotactile feedback and human brain interface) and provide an example of how you might apply technology to enhance a practice experience.

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[SOLVED] Indian Health Services

Describe how the government’s influence on access and delivery of oral health relates to the dental hygienists role in advocacy after reviewing current research.

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[SOLVED] Competence in Therapeutic Recreation

Credentialing and Issues of Ensuring Minimal Competence in Therapeutic Recreation Why are credentialing and issues of ensuring minimal competence in therapeutic recreation important for patients and caregivers? thesis This essay will aim to explain how the effects of the lack of credentialing in the TR profession have detrimental outcomes for patients that cause varying results.

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[SOLVED] Introduction on Mental Health

Introduction  (300-400 words) Background information about UAE Nation Agenda 2021 (First-Rate Education) and End the introduction with a clear idea with what the paper is going to be about Maybe mention how many different aspects of public health (like smoking, nutrition and physical activity, etc) are already addressed but mental health is typically ignored both in schools and universities, as well as in society in general.

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