[SOLUTION] Edward Snowden

Prior Restraint-Edward Snowden, the Contractor who leaked information about NSA’s data collection practices is now in political limbo  and is in fear of being charged as a traitor.  This case reminds me of the Pentagon Papers.  How has the press covered this issue?  Do you think there is the same type of public support for Snowden as there was for Daniel Ellsberg of the Pentagon Papers fame. In this paper, explore whether Snowden was a “whistle blower” v. a “traiter” and do you think the United States citizenry needs this information.  Was there any direct threat to national security created by this leak?-a brief history and background about the issue-the applicable laws-a background about the recent issue (who it involves, what has happened so far, what issues are raised)-how the law was applied or how different courts have viewed the issueThis is not an opinion piece, you need to find information from credible sources

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