[SOLUTION] Employers Look into a Candidate

WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT? WHAT ARE EMPLOYERS LOOKING FOR IN A CANDIDATE?An important discussion I have with students who choose the Liberal Studies major is around what are employers looking for in a potential employee. Students sometimes struggle with the topic of major = employment/career. This article for this week will help frame the conversation.PART I: Read the following article.https://money.usnews.com/careers/applying-for-a-job/articles/2018-09-24/your-college-major-does-not-define-your-careerPART II: Answer these questions in an 800 word essay.1. What are 3 facts you learned from this article?2. What are 3 new opinions you have after reading this article?3. What are 3 questions that you now have after reading this article?4. What are 2 new things you will do differently now after reading this article?

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